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Philippines pt 6 final - for Kim

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here are some items and materials on contraceptive, condom, pills yes, I am going to support Stand Up this September which will be held here, against poverty if this…we reach it here in the Philippines it’s a huge relief for us pregnant women for our children and for our families the poverty which we talk about, well will somewhat be lessened for those who are giving birth and die because of complications, for the children. then at least somehow to lessen those youth who were not educated We volunteer here and in the community I volunteer here as a midwife my husband supports as a youth organizer and he is a band member like how we showed yesterday through band, through songs, there they are able to inform about reproductive health because it's as if it's only teaching sometimes the youth are not listening so when they um the band, there, many can relate, then sometimes the youth are even singing it I like it here because it's clean when you got to labor...while you're still in labor you will be lying down here then here when you're giving birth this is the delivery room Interviewer: Where do you not want to give birth? at the one hospital where it's all for deliveries, it's like you're all in a row the bedding where you lay is bloody...yes that's a government hospital where you have bloody bedding then the bed that you move into like this one has blood also then in one bed, there are 3 of you, what happens is the baby is the only one that can lay down then you mothers are sitting only this is the ward here we are at SOTO. I volunteer here at SOTO when I have free time I will stand for MDG because this will bring relief to our family and if it will really lessen those who give birth, those who give birth then die that's a big a effect for us pregnant women and the next generation I will stand for the fight against poverty because I don't want the pregnant women to birth because of complications I will stand for the fight against poverty because I don't want the mothers who are giving life to die here we are now, because earlier they listened to the heartbeat, but it's only ma'am who could hear it, the nurse only but here we can hear my baby's heartbeat only to listen to the heartbeat, here's the tablet this is what I like because I can hear it, too see the check up is from 1 month up to 7 months, my check-ups are monthly if i don't have a check-up at the Center, here is where I get a check up you will know that he/she is strong...the heartbeat is strong then you will be happy too because you know the heart is beating, that he/she has life isn't it strong? it's great, right? it's exciting when you hear it that is the happiest part when I am getting a check up here because I can hear him/her

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Posted by: cinnamonk on Jun 6, 2010

pt 6

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