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Ram Charan - The new world

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World has changed. Ram Charan, Renowned consultant and author There are some universal truths that are here to stay. I'd like you to think about those truths. They are in many ways new compared to 2000, compared to the beginning of COVID-19, and going forward these are here to stay. The first one, is your business software-driven? Be honest, be candid. If it is not, it's not too late, but it can become too late. Number two, the consumer today worldwide is digital, uses digital, its behavior is changing. Point, each business must serve each customer individually. Everybody in the audience who uses Amazon,, Alibaba, they all serve each individual customer, cannot do without software. Number three, if you are business-to-business, you must have sensors, you must use robotics, all software-driven, reliability, fast response. And your costs must reduce between 30% to 50%... Because the digital giants coming in into your business have that cost reduction. Number four, we know this, do not be bamboozled because these are large companies. Look into what they are doing. At Tesla, you may think it's not relevant, for most of you may not be relevant, but there is one thing about them. Software now adjust remotely the speed, the direction. If you're B2B software adjust the speed, the response rate in oil drilling, software adjusts the movement of vehicles in the warehouses. Next, a very big shift, people buying $5 million, $10 million, $20 million equipment. Today, the new business model is subscription. It is you pay for what you use, you don't need heavy capital investments. More to come in the future. Another one, you engage your customer frequently, look at new needs, and have recurring revenues. Know their pain points, know their convenience and cheaper. So ask the question are you a software-driven company? Are you a machine learning-driven company? Kill the myths that they are expensive, they take a long time. As I will go through the presentation with you, it is now inexpensive. You can do in a short period. You can see the return in six months or less.

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Ram Charan - The new world

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