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Hello, and welcome to Maritime Piece Theater. Beware of the bite of the line and pinch points. These hazards are a good way to get your bones broken, or get you folded up like a hot shirt just out of a dryer. When a line snaps it travels faster than a speeding bullet. And you're not fast enough to dodge that. Situational awareness prevents accidents. Know your surroundings. Chuck from Houston writes, "I look like a nerd when I wear eye protection." What? Are you worried about how you look to the ladies? The following depicts what can happen when you don't wear proper eye protection. Most of us like a nice cold beer now and then. Hell, I've had my share in my day. But we all know the workplace is not the place to get drunk or high. If you fire up a joint, you get fired. It's that simple. I've seen hundreds of falls in my day and every one of them could've been avoided. You want to know the secret? Pay attention to your surroundings and post proper signs, look out for yourself and for your crew. Don't be the next guy I laugh at. Check this collection of do's and don'ts in Slips, Trips, and Falls. I've heard every excuse for not wearing a hard hat. My hair is too pretty. It makes me too warm. Hard hats aren't cool. Here's the deal-- head injuries cause brain damage. You don't want that, do you? Then again, if you had brain damage, you probably wouldn't care whether you looked cool or not. Wear a hard hat. Protect your head. Flip-flop, sneaker, and sandal wearing mariners beware. It's only a matter of time before your precious toes get crushed if you don't wear proper footwear. You may feel comfortable now in those relaxing shoes, but you'll be a lot less comfortable with a bunch of crushed toes. Let's see how steel toe boots protect feet from injury. We're about done here. I hope you got something out of this series of videos. Until next time.

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