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Children's experience of institutions in Moldova-SD

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~ ~ ~ ~ My name is Victor. Irina. I am Dan. Silvian. Victoria. Dumitrita. Ion. Cristina. Igor. ~ I lived in an institution for 8 years. 6 years. 4 years. 5 years. 8 years. 5 years. ~ At home. With my mother, father and Cristina. Small Group Home. At home. At home with my mother. Foster Care. ~ It was hard. Not so good. I wanted to go home every Friday, but my mother had no possibility to take me home. I did not have someone to understand me, to support me like parents do. I was away from home. I missed my mother. I wanted home, to be near my family. ~ Now I feel good. I feel very good now. I am with my family, learn in a regular school, I see other children. In a family it is better, because you have someone to communicate with, people to share all moments of happiness or even those saddest ones. I learned how to cook with the teachers. Every Saturday and Sunday we prepare food, we work in the yard of the Small Group Home. ~ It is very good in the school I learn. I get along well with my colleagues. I go to the resource centre. I learn new things although they are a little more complicated. I like to learn, I like to write. We have many things to do and places to do them. The school helps us to become a great person in life. ~ My mother, father and Cristina. Parents, classmates, friends, teachers. My brother and colleagues. They helped me until now, they showed me what a family means. They help me when I have some problems. Because they will never betray me. ~ In the family. In the family, near mother, father, brothers and sisters. The child is happy when living in a family. Because the family is your life. If you will not have a family you will never know what this means. Because parents are the most important persons for a child. Parents give you an example for the future. Because at home even the food is better. After all, the family is the best place for a child. ~ Sure! Every child, every person has the right to his opinion and people around have to listen and understand it. If he does not give his opinion, it means that the child has no rights. He should be heard, maybe he needs help. Children are the future! ~ ~ Dan, Victoria, Ion, Dumitrita, Igor, Cristina, Silvian, Irina, Victor, Silvia, Tatiana, Daniela, Lucia, Cristina.

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Children's experience of institutions in Moldova-SD

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