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Le donne di San Gregorio

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I had prepared my jacket, the one with many pockets, my mobile phone, my mp4, my ski card, my swimming pool card, my stickers album and I went to sleep with my jacket on. My shoes were near the bed so that I would get up and run away soon. My name is Lola, I was born in San Gregorio. I was born down there, my house was just behind the church. At some point, my dad went to Australia, because here there was not much work. He made may sacrifices. We went there too. We came back. I met my husband and we get married. We built a nice house...that now is no more. Next september my youngest daughter should get married. Her wedding dress lies under the debris in L'Aquila, and my dress as well. My God! My God, a tremor! A tremor! I felt it! > Would you like to stand up? - No, thanks. > Did you feel the tremor? - Really strong. - Did you feel it? > Yes, we all did. I would like to tell you a story. My mother's father, he had eight children. They were poor and he went to America, to provide for them. When he came back with some money my grandma was waiting for him to buy some clothes and shoes for the children. He bought a bell for the church and so he spent all his money. This the way we are tied, to our village. San Gregorio is a fraction of a delegation of Aquila city. I am a city councilwoman. This is my village, my life, this is were my grands and my parents lived, to me there is no other life than this one here. The church, the square, the cafe', the market, all this was our life. A different place, a new city, would not be ours. It would not be San Gregorio. We come from Abruzzo, we always did it. We worked in the fields and out of the fields we made all this, all that was. I studied geology in Chiety, I have a degree. Then I came back here, and I had to adapt to this. Now I work as a shop assistant. I've been to Australia. They asked me to stay, there were good working expectations, but I came back. Because my village, L'Aquila, Abruzzo, they mean everything to me. We would like the village to be...more or less the way it was before. The square, the church in the same place... The basic things, the cafe' nearby. There it was. Yes, yes. No, I felt it. I wrote my dissertation about a manuscript over the Church of S. Maria Paganica in L'Aquila because I wanted to write about my land. I worked as a waitress because there was not much work and so I decided to stay here sacrificing years of study and working in a different field, just to be here. I grew up in San Gregorio, I left when I was about 24, to go to work. And since 10 years I live in Milan. > And now? Now, I couldn't leave them alone, I grew up with them, how could I be far away? All this will pass, it will finish. They say our folks are strong and kind. This is true and all this will pass. We'll make it anew, nicer. But we will be what we've always been. I am sure about it.

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Director: Francesca Comencini
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Posted by: rosadam on Apr 22, 2009

Corto di Francesca Comencini in seguito al terremoto in Abruzzo (Aprile 2009)

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