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Is Yoga Against My Religion? Sadhguru

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I'm practicing yoga Is it against my religion? is it what..I'm sorry I didn't hear that the last part is it against my religion? ---------------------- no no no....It's not a fool question. It's a hard one whatever your religion may be... I don't wish to comment on that because that's your personal thing that's a cultural thing Yoga is a technology let's say you're following some religion being here.. you must be Christian are Islamic or drew's...what else? there's one more..something there are so many... no mainly these are the three. Right? You may be one of them so I don't want to comment on anyone of them because that's your personal choice because you are Christian or Islamic or Drew�s suppose you buy a BMW car If you are Islamic... it won't work for you. Right? hmm...maybe it works for Islamic because there is "M" in it.. but it won't work for the Christians is that so? I'm asking. if you do not know how to use it, it doesn't work for you..yes? if you do not know how to drive the car whatever religion you belong to, it could kill you but if you know how to drive a car this car has a mechanism it's not making a distinction... what the hell you are... what the hell is in your head... whether you can drive the car or not... that's all that it matters. isn't it? what you believe or disbelieve this car doesn't care it only cares whether you know this mechanism and can you drive it or not so Yoga is a technology if you learn to use it, it works for you if you don't learn to use it, it does not work for you so whatever religion you are if you learn to use it, it will work for you if you do not learn to use it, it doesn't work for you it's just like your car, your cell phone, your computer if you learn to use it it works for you. It doesn't stop It doesn't put up a password...give me the Christian passport otherwise...buff! no such thing so this is just a technology you just learn to use it because it's subjective technology it is of a certain kind because this particular... it is not that there have not been mystics in other parts of the world. They have been everywhere but generally they chose to keep their mouth shut if they open their mouth, they got killed Generally that's been the history of this while anywhere if they opened their mouth they were stoned to death... they got crucified... they got killed... so many horrible things happened to them but in the East, we preserved them we revered them you can come you can come and sit in the temple and question the fundamentals of the temple nobody will throw a stone at you they will debate with you...they'll argue with you but nobody will throw a stone at you because we created this culture mystics grew it is not that they won't have grown elsewhere. They would have grown elsewhere also but...because of beating down and chopping down even if there are..they didn't open their mouth. If they opened their mouth...they are dead so mysticism does not come from the east it comes from within Wisdom does not come from the east it comes from within Knowing of this life does not come from the east, it comes from within so what comes from the within cannot be against anything. Isn't it?

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru if yoga is against his religion. Sadhguru replies that your religious beliefs are cultural and personal and that Yoga is a technology. Like driving a car, anyone can use it regardless of their beliefs.

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