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Как стать профессиональным геймером Часть - 3 map de_mirage

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PLAY WITH US:D Hello everyone, Danya Zeus here We're on mirage This is episode 3 of "How to become a PRO gamer" Before all the main stuff I wanted to tell you about out preps for the Cluj Major Today is 23rd, we're leaving on 26th IT"S NOT ESL ZEUS PLS Signatures and stickers are out, so go get 'em Support your favorite players If you hate us you can buy some too we don't mind I'll tell you how our team is doing And also about mirage, different grenades, tricks and so on I will talk about some tactical moments How pros play on this map on both T and CT And will explain how to practice it properly Let's go First of all, what is the mood in Na'Vi Yesterday we played vs NiP, won 2-0 Won inferno by a great margin, than lead on Overpass but gave up some rounds in the end 16-11 we win Overpass We are feeling the progress The team is practicing on the newly developed method that is absolutely exclusive I don't want to reveal our secrets, but I can tell that it's new Nobody has done it before Our online part, thankfully got better How this will play out on LAN we don't know, but I always hope for the best And getting ready in-game and morally This event is super important Can you just shut the fuck up Sooo We're all-in for the championship Now our weak sides and maps On de_mirage and dust2 we are having issues, because we practiced other maps more Like train, overpass, cbble, inferno So for the time we have left we are trying to up our game This is what we have on our hands Morally we are fine(pls no jinx) We're feeling light and calm Just getting ready for the event Good vibes in the team at the moment I think it's partly the effects of out new practice system But only a part Next is tactical facts about de_mirage And how teams pratice on them On de mirage Our main goal is to watch the tendency In pro-leagues, what pro teams do, new stuff So we should watch matches, demos etc Right now the popular trend Is working on mid We have set pieces on A I remember earlier it was popular to throw the wall of smokes Then throwing smokes here Molotovs here from there Execute A plant bomb Make sure to throw the right smokes The latest thing is to throw smokes here and push This is kind of a new thing Flanks and so on Same with mid Also new tactics If earlier we took mid, sneaked through tunnels and so on Right now it's cool to just throw a smoke there Then something like this, let's try It's not easy, I suck ass Smoke window, here, connector T's jump out and take positions There are smokes all over from there Everyone has their own positions But mainly T's take 8, connector, maybe window, aggressive positions But there are always rats 3 on mid, and rats go A or B If we say, FNATIC won 2 majors in a row They are still top1 in stats, even though they lost some stuff earlier We can say that Fnatic never had crazy tactics, but why are they so good? First, they have crazy individual skill, all of them Pronax also is a high-tier captain with good aim They're all fire And they play good on trade They're not afraid to die, because in 90% of the cases one of their teammates will trade That way they split the defense So CTs have no idea were they're going until the last moment All in all they dominate Right now I can't say they're still #1, I honestly think they won't win this major "cause we'll win it" Yeah, so that's like, my opinion, man Before they were exceeding everyone, right now they are on par, but that's not enough Anyway, I'm just saying that trends change on all maps But understand what you clearly want to do Know how trends on CT go Understand what's going on What CTs like now Earlier it was pushing mid in connector, now it's pushing window Jumping here and pushing through a smoke here Or just pushing mid If CTs are playing discipline, just throw molotovs, bugged smokes And meed the T's There's a lot of stuff Both T's and CT's try to balance tactics and upgrade them You guys should follow that too Do not rely on primitive understanding For example that CTs play 2 B, 3A And you can just improvise on your tactics When shit hits the fan, the team that can't trade but polishes tactics Will probably fail They can't do the execute That's were you show raw skill Understanding of what you need to do Where it's best to go in a hard situation For a young team, practice tactics and how to play after trading kills When you play vs an aggressive team, you know it's best to play after exchange When you want to practice strats just do it on an empty map I don't study all the smokes that my teammates do, I study only the ones that are needed I never knew how to throw this smoke, someone has shown me how and here I go As a variant I know this smoke And it's shit, sorry, new res:D Let's go like this I don't really like this because I'd like it to land a bit more to the left So you can hide behind the box Without CT seeing you Just sneak in and work your way There is a shitload of grenades Do it on an empty map with your team Some teams try new tactics on pcw for fun that they never even played out It's a mistake in my opinion This applies to all maps For example If we want to push our trade playstyle Back in 1.6 we had a map with little chips that we moved You go here, throw there So he knows what positions to cover and so on It is useful if you wan't to hide your tactics Online just do it on an empty map Make sure your captains knows what he wants Improving your team starts as a raw progress All of that work is up to the captain Studying other teams, strategies, watching demos To upgrade your knowledge What smokes, flashed pro teams throw They push here, flash there It's trendy to stand with an awp here And so on When a captain does all this work he gets on an empty map and starts executing his ideas by himself Create stuff based on what you saw After he transforms his ideas into something adequate He calls his teammates and starts executing It's better if everyone is involved in the process Give them homework Watch demos, please learn to throw that smoke and so on, Based on what the captain wants After all that the team starts practicing rounds Practice executes and your strategic core Your movement on the map, positions and individual goals After all of that, practice all of this vs a real team "CIS based content on where to find and practice with a team, I'm just lazy to translate" After the team plays the match, it would be great if the captain has a notebook And writes out what works and what doesn't Demos of course are extremely important What didn't go as planned and so on Show their mistakes and why you lost the round That's roughly how teamwork looks Talking about tactics shortly There is a round where some guy smokes there, other throws a molotov, before which he throws a flash on mid Takes box The dude who threw the first smokes comes to him Meanwhile #3 throws this smoke to window While other 2 push underground One of the mid guys throws a flash Underground guys throw a smoke there Then mid guys throw flash there Then a smoke in window One of mid guys sneaks here The other one goes with him but just to trade or hold Underground guy sneaks in here The second underground guy can just go to B Then the first guy just goes here on A We have guys everywhere as a result and in the end most of the map control If CT play really cowardly They don't know what's going on And then I lost it, sorry. Rotation stuff to A and B Main idea is to split the CTs and take map control Wish you guys ideas with all this variety This is what I wanted to tell you "PROMOTIONAL INFO" Bye<3

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Как стать профессиональным геймером Часть - 3 map de_mirage

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