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This Means War (2012)

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♪ [Jay-Z - "99 Problems"] [helicopter blades] [hammers clicking] [gunshots] (Tuck) You're my best friend. I trust you. I know that you would take a bullet for me. I would for you as well. [gunshot] (Foster) What were you doing on the computer? (Tuck) Looking at a photograph of my girl. (Foster) I was just doing the same thing. You want to see her? (Tuck) On three. 1 - 2 -3. (Tuck) That's... (Foster) Lauren... (both) ...Scott. (Lauren) I feel weird about dating two guys at once. (Trish) You think Gloria Steinem got arrested and sat in a jail cell so you could act like a little bitch? (Lauren) I think I'm going to hell. Get out there! You get flexible. (Foster) You know what? You date her. Besides, the fact if I got in the picture, it wouldn't even be fair. (Tuck) I'm sorry. What does that mean? I think we should lay down some ground rules. (Foster) I think we should. (Tuck) I don't think we should tell her that we know each other. (Foster) Let's stay out of each others way. (Tuck) Just let her decide. (Foster) May the best man win. ♪ [Wolfmother - "Woman"] (Tuck) This is a live operation, it's a full wrap and tap, boys. (Foster) I want you to follow agent Hansen. [scream] Don't let your country down, boys. (Lauren) This has been the perfect night. Make it rain. ♪ Woman, You know you're a woman ♪ [Lauren gasps] ♪ I got the feeling of love ♪ I'll be right back. ♪ [Astrud Gilberto - "Girl from Ipanema"] ♪ Tall and tan and young and lovely ♪ ♪ The girl from Ipanema goes walking ♪ ♪ And when she passes, each girl she passes goes...♪ [snoring] Really? ♪ Woman ♪ Have you ever killed anybody with your bare hands? [rapid gunfire, grunt] Not this week. ♪ I got the feeling of love ♪ (Lauren) Tuck, this is my friend. Okay, you can do this. They'll probably just shake hands. I think I'm gonna pass out. (Trish) I'm available to have sex with both of those guys, just to test out stuff and see who comes back a winner. Why is she listening to that old man? I have no idea. [man yelling] I think my triggering mechanism was stuck, (Tuck) Ooh. (Lauren) [gasps] Oh my god. [Captions by]

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