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Pawn - A Film By Ben Senior

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Val, I really don’t think you should be playing with that anymore. Why, mommy? It’s only a game. How about we go to the store and get you something even better? Hmm... no. I like playing with this. Honey, give it to me. I don’t want you to have it anymore. No fair! Give it back! Life isn’t fair. Go to your room. I hate you! If you give a mouse a cookie... ...he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk... ...he’ll probably ask you for a- Sounds like it’s time for bed, sweetie. Uh-huh... Goodnight! Val? Valerie? We were playing a game. You didn’t let us finish... Who- who were you playing with? Daddy. Our talk last week reminded me of your father. He was a writer too, yes? He was. He stopped after my mother died. Of course, grief can ruin a person. Not me. Do you still feel guilty? Get out! You’re only gonna take it away! You won’t listen to me! You don’t understand! You don’t know him. Mommy! Let me out! I’m scared! I know. I know. Mommy? What- Everything’s okay. You’re okay, I’ve got you sweetie, you’re safe. What’s happening? I don’t know. I don’t know. Daddy said you might get upset. He said I could protect you. W-what? It’s okay. Daddy just wants to talk to you. Of course, grief can ruin a person. Not me. Do you still feel guilty? Mrs. King, you’ve missed three appointments. I’d like you to come in sometime soon. He’s here. What? I won’t let him get her. She’s gone, Zoey. I’ll keep her safe. She’s gone.

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Duration: 19 minutes and 22 seconds
Language: English
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Posted by: monkeystudios on Feb 2, 2018

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