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Discover Kabbalah Part 2 Class 6 : Rav on Tithing

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Rav on Tithing (Audience question - can we go back to the example again of the person you were talking about, with the giving of money with the person who has much less but gives the same percentage as the person with more did we arrive at that, it was equal sort of) Absolutely. Because in the revelation of Ein Sof there is no fragmentation the fragmentation are in our own illusionary minds. (Audience question - Okay so for a minute there I thought we said that the person with the less who gave an equal share, revealed more.) He reveals the totality right? In other words, how do, why does it say you must give 10%? In the Torah, it says you must give 10% of your earnings, right? Why 10%? Why not 20%? Why not 50%? Why not 2%? Why did they arrive at this figure? Arbitrarily? 1 tenth we know. 1 tenth must have something to do with sefirot which is true. That's the secret. You know the same reason that the telephone dial system works on 10, right? Seems to to be complete. So I'm not going to go into the full, the full implication of the 1 tenth but what it's saying is, the amount of sharing, of what has been earned the amount of restriction taking place is sufficient to create that circuitry. 10%. Now whether it's a million dollars or a dollar. That 10% causes circuitry. Like the 5 watt bulb. Does it have to have the capacity of handling all the electricity? To create circuitry? No. What is required? The restriction. The sharing. That's all that's required. What do you reveal? Circuitry. Circuitry is circuitry. There is no half circuitries. There is no 1 quarter circuitries but how do you determine. The bulb we know, the scientist has perfected the bulb how a 5 watt bulb handles circuitry. How do we handle circuitry? I mean, are we a, are we a station for circuitry? The answer is yes. I say in Wheels of a Soul, marriage is a circuit of energy. It's not getting married. It's supposed to generate energy. Sometimes it generates, you know, prisons. But, you know, it generates. It's positive and negative being brought together. It's marriage. So on that level and that's where we are trying to get to is to understand things in our own life that operate on the same principles. Except, you know you don't, when you're getting a little more spiritual people will say wow you throw off a good vibe. You know, that's getting more spiritual. You're saying there is an energy flow here from this person which is obviously non observable and yet people begin to feel things of that nature. So you talking about, this is what 10% means. When that 10% generates, which generates a total circuitry, it's the same circuitry. But if someone is earning a million and does not give $100,000 he's giving $90,000 he has shared or created a circuitry of a lesser dimension. So he is, in fact generating less circuitry because this is the 10% idea. And why does it work out to 10% is beautiful too but you should begin to imagine you know, we say 99% and 1%. It's really 90 and 10 without going into details.

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Rav on Tithing

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