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In 2012 we enter a New Dimension?

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2012 we enter a new dimension where time is much more malleable this is what some of the people say that hide behind fake channels and then- they use as their proof- Bashar and Abraham's videos it is apparently a new beginning now let me tell you there is not going to be any of such thing nothing like this will happen the question would be for all of those that has been following- this bullshit about so called new dimensions to see if you will be self-honest enough - to stop and expose the bullshit that's been peddled and stop, abusing- the physical reality and get down to fixing this world put in the labor and the time that it's going to need because- you're not going to a dimension where the time and reality's going to get easier you're going to go to a "new" time where time is going to get more "difficult" because you have to fix a lot more shit than the shit that's there already that is quite a new dimension self-responsibility is the new dimension that's going to come consequence! but- a so called spiritual reality that things are going to get "easier" that is where people run to when they are not willing- to be self-honest and take responsibility for what is here - as the creation of man kind and that is the acts of members of cults that follow religious dogma from the perspective of having excuses as to why one should not live in this world and make this world "the best place possible" - for everyone to live in that's what we do at Desteni we find real solutions that help! all people follow us because then we follow each other and thus we're equal translate: Yip Revise: Fred

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jan 30, 2011


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