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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Manchester giving lecture on spirituality 1 of 7

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We tell the purpose of coming here and why do we go place to place! One thing is that it’s a command of Allah and His Prophet. One are such people who only begged for the world up above (at primordial time), therefore approaching them is in vain. When Allah created the souls, He asked everybody, "Alasat Berbokum": Do you accept me your Lord? Every soul replied,”Qalo Balla” (said yes). Then Allah showed them illusionary worldly pleasures. And asked if someone wants it? A multitude of souls rushed forth towards them, so those worldly pleasures were written in their destiny. Many souls were not leapt towards it, they remained beholding His manifestation and when they remained beholding His manifestation then Allah started loving them and they started loving Allah. Now those souls who desired world, they got the world, they desired for profligacy and they got it. Now when those people started getting old, after spending their entire life in bacchanalia/profligacy when they become aged they thought now they are going to die, they are not able to debauch/profligate anymore, how they will be able debauch/profligate in life hereafter? Therefore they took beads and started praying, so that they may also get damsels (Hoors) hereafter, not for Allah, but for their profligacy, they started worshiping, so that in hereafter they will get virgins of paradise/damsels (Hoor) and they will have paradise. Now those second types of souls who were loved by Allah, they also came into this world. Some went into the house of Muslims, some went to house of infidel, and some went into America some into Japan etc. Now we are searching for those souls. Now, when those souls came, they came inside (inside the body), and they were locked in (became captive in the body). Now since they are locked in, thus they are unaware (can't remember anything), they are motionless inside; they require to be awakened/resuscitated, they loved with Allah, therefore, we have to transmit chanting of the name of Allah within them. When echo of Allah takes place in them, then they (souls) also starts chanting Allah-Allah, when those souls start chanting Allah-Allah then they recall, what we were? We were the lovers of Allah, so again they receive the same status in this world. Now, only that soul will chant the name of Allah who loved Allah. The one who didn’t loved Allah, no matter if he struggle thousands of times, Allah-Allah can never take place in that (soul). Now, how the chanting of Allah-Allah can be send to soul? And those (soul) who came into the house of Muslims, few of them got this secret, that how Allah comes within? Even few among the Muslims got this secret and the Non-Muslims didn't receive this secret. Now there are the ones who recite the name of Allah, they chant the name of Allah with chaplet/beads. This is not your soul chanting the name of Allah, it is you who is chanting, and you are doing outwardly not inwardly. This chanting of the name of Allah has to be sent inside, one is your bead apparently (in hand), and other is the one which is implanted inside (that is heart), that produces ticking (tik tik) sound. With this tik tik the name of Allah is synchronized; Allah hoo, Allah hoo. Now Allah hoo can be chanted even without the beads, so what is the need of beads? What is the need of counting? When Allah-Allah is to be carrying on chanted day and night, then what is the need of beads? Just like a stone collides with stone, a flame is produced, when water swashes with water, electricity is produced, when Allah collides with Allah noor/divine light is produced, (that’s why) they recite the bead for this very light/noor. We had seen a woman in Hyderabad (Pakistan), she used to recite the chaplet "Light is in the heavens and earth" with bead, so she become ‘ogamist’ of it. On every Thursday night she calls people, and used to recite the bead in front of them. It was seen from afar that the lights were being emitted from the beads. But as Man is skeptic by nature, so people alleged that she has done something with the beads. But when somebody else rolls that bead nothing happens. Then they ask her to roll it without reciting that particular verse, so when she did so, nothing happened, but when she rolled it reciting the verse she used to, the light began to emit from it. It means in order to produce light, along with the rolling of the beads they chant the name of The Allah, so that with its collision light may be produced. With this (beads of hand) light is produced obviously, but its outward, does not goes inside. If it will work, it will work only on the Day of Judgment, it is not providing you any benefit at the moment. When we synchronize the chanting of name of Allah with the ticking sound of inner beads, so that very light, which is produced that time, it never goes out, because this tik tik is related to the blood, thus it directly goes into the blood. It is a science that when water swashes with the water electricity is produced, The blood which is present in you is powerful than the water, so when blood swashes with blood electricity is produced. You have one and half watt of electricity in your body. In any kind of living being electricity is present, when the blood collides with this ticking sound electricity is produced, now when chanting of Allah collides with this tik tik (chanting with heartbeats) light starts to be produced, now this chanting of Allah is mixed with this blood, when chanting of Allah went into blood, it went into veins. Because blood is related to the heart, and heart is related to every vein of the body. It’s in Hadith (prophetic tradition) that “Satan runs into your veins”. When Allah-Allah went into the veins, Satan vanishes away! Then that light of chanting of Allah uses to go within, and it goes in the souls. When it reaches the souls, those souls after being awaken up, start chanting the name of Allah. Then you keep on sleeping and they will keep on chanting the name of Allah. You fell asleep but they do not sleep. You have got business and children, souls do not have any business and children. Its business is to only chant the name of Allah. It (soul) is sentient, whatever will be asked in the grave, the soul will be accountable for that. It has sense (conscious awareness), that’s why it will be held answerable. Isn't it? If it can answer the question then can't it chant the name of Allah? When for twenty four hours the chanting of Allah will continue within you then! You don't have one single soul within you, there are seven souls. Each soul has its own duty; all seven of them will start chanting Allah-Allah. Then, at this stage it is considered as sacred as a mosque, Ka’ba. Then these blossoming flowers are like a Paradise. Then whatever settles in the heart, automatically that is loved. Then in your heart! Soul was already having love, and then love (already) residing in the soul came into heart. Then love of Allah born in your heart, and then Allah loved you. Those with whom Allah loves, He then takes care of them as well. He does not take care of them only, but one day He looks at them and looks with a great love. Then the day Lord Almighty looked at you with love! It is said that one day if He looks at somebody with love, its affect remains for forty years. When he looks, then the love also finishes, it passionate love (Ishq) comes, then "you are mine and I am yours". For this stage Allama Iqbal says: “If there is passionate love (Ishq), then infidelity is also Islam” If passionate love of Allah comes within you, then even if you are infidel, still you are considers amongst Muslims. He continues: “If you don’t have passionate love then even if you are a Muslim, you are an infidel and skeptic” Today those Muslims who have not got the passionate love of Allah in them, they by themselves are calling infidel and skeptic to one another. Muslims are calling infidels to one another! Isn't? One throws a bomb in other's mosque. (Upon asking) Why you do so?

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi giving talk on spirituality in Manchester, UK.

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