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The Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box

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This is a very fine little piece of work. This works really well when the person you're handing it to has never seen such a thing, and it's a complete mystery. The difference between this box and an ordinary box is this has a little display here, and a button here. You don't know what's in the box. When you push the button, the display lights up, and it tells you " distance 312 miles" or " distance 2.3 miles". And it shuts itself off. That's the only clue you have that you gotta take this box somewhere to get it to open. That's this sort of Indiana Jones adventure kind of feel. "What is this box all about?" My name is Mikal Hart, and I'm the inventor of what I like to call the Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box. You 're trying to figure out how to open it. And to open it, similar to geocaching, you've gotta take it to the magic spot. And it's up to you to figure out where that magic spot is. You only get 50 attempts at pushing the button to get the box open, before it seals forever . When the little contoller detects that you have reached the magic spot, it sends a signal to the motor. The motor unclicks the latch, and finally your friend - whoever you gave the box to as a present - finally can open it up and see what little treasures you placed inside it. If you are going to send someone on a Reverse Geocache Puzzle adventure, you gotta think about three things. You gotta think about who the recipient is. You gotta think about what destination you plan for them. And you gotta think about what you are going to put in the box. This fellow who was going to send his father on an adventure wrote me last month. His dad's a little bit infirm, and it was a 100 - mile journey, and he finally did get to the destination. And he met his son there, and his Dad said, " This is the best present I've ever gotten." He is 80 years old, and this was the best present I've ever gotten was... It's not just the box, but (you know) the whole adventure. One things led to another , and there was a sudden explosion of interest in this box. A guy from the LA Times called to write an article. A producer from Hollywood said, "We want to make a film about it." The Discovery Channel called... I don't know what the future for Reverse Geocaching is , but I'm having a tremendous amount of fun just "riding the wave" as it is now.

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Posted by: greenbo on May 13, 2011

A newly-invented high-tech toy makes an awesome gift.

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