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2403 How to make your own visual resources with film scenes

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Using visual resources is a really powerful way to help make your service more accessible to people Who may find communication difficult. But what do you need to think about when making your own resources? A good place to start is to think about where you work and what people are likely to ask for when they get there. For instance, is there some simple visual signage which helps a person know how to get to the reception desk. Who will they meet and what visual resources might be useful to make communication more successful. When you start creating your own visual resources, there are some simple guiding principles that you can use: Think about who might be the primary users of your resources What are their needs or age. Can you involve them in the design? What are the most important or frequently asked questions or requests. Plan to make visual resources which help with those first. In your reception, it is vital that people can point to any visual aids, so make them accessible. There’s no point hiding your good work under the counter. Visual signage will help people navigate your building if they can’t read words And the use of matching colours or signs on doors can be a real bonus. Choose images that are big enough to see at a glance and decide whether photos or symbols work best. For example, photos might be best to show who works there but symbols may be best on a toilet door. Resources need to be simple and clear. Lots of images can be confusing for some people, so having a set of flashcards can be a good option. Group images logically to make them easier to use. If you’re offering a range of options, such as on a menu Think about what images might show best what you have and keep written text simple. Creating the right visual resources takes a little bit of time But have a go at making some and ask your customers or a local user group what they think.

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2403 How to make your own visual resources with film scenes

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