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New Project 10

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I have absence seizures, just because I've got petty mal epilepsy but its all dependent really becase my seizures come about from things like tiredness and illness and if i've been out on a late night out and things like that So, roughly I probably have about four or five a month but they only last about a minute and a half I wouldn't quite say it affects my day to day life just because, apart from having to take medication each morning and evening I can do everything. I am in mainstream school and things like that But as a whole, I can't learn to drive currently, because of my seizures because I've had it from such a young age, I've sort of been able to deal with it and thats like normal to me so its not like i've had to adapt to having to not drive or not drink Epilepsy impacts young people in a variety of ways all of the time that they are having seizures we have to remember that their brain is still developing and for true with young people there are loads of other things going on in their lives They have lots of issues that they are coping with being part of a class at school, making friends, relationships with their family and their peer group having epilepsy is just one more thing to cope with on top of lots of other issues if somebody witnesses somebody having a seizure the most important thing to do is to make sure that person is safe we don't recommend moving the person unless they are in imminent danger such as near an open fire then we want to cradle the person's head, put something soft underneath it cradle it in our hands, protect the head really don't need to do much more than that make a note of the time so you know when it started when it finished we are working really hard in schools to bring up a generation of people who are talking openly about epilepsy and have an understanding of it and they know how to keep somebody safe, and they know how to include them, in every activity that children like to do friendships are really important for any child but particularly for a child with epilepsy it is important that their friends are understanding and aware of the condition and know how to look out for them if they need their help teenagers desperately want to be different in many respects but they don't want to be different by having epilepsy they need a peer group around them who can support them because I can't learn to drive, I use my friends and my freedom

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New Project 10

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