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eCYBERMISSION - Getting Started

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*Music* Male Student (White Shirt): Hmmm…. eCYBERMISSION, it sounds like a fun group project, but I wonder how we should get started. Hey, guys! Let’s call the Mission Control help desk. Male Student (Blue Shirt): Yea, good idea! *Phone Ringing* eCM Nickie: Thank you for calling eCYBERMISSION Mission Control. This is Nickie. Male Student (Blue Shirt): Hi, we came across your website and we really want to compete, but we’re not sure how to start. eCM Nickie: So, you're looking to compete, but you're not quite sure how to start. This looks like a job for Mission Control. Stay calm, we’ll be right there! Male Student (Blue Shirt): Stay calm? But we just had a question… *Knock at the door* Female Student: Hi! eCM Team: We are eCYBERMISSION Mission Control at your service! Female Student: Wow, that was fast…well, come in I guess. eCM Josh: eCYBERMISSION is a free web-based STEM competition for students in grades 6 through 9. eCM Nickie: What grade are you all in? Male Student (White Shirt): We’re in 9th… eCM Nickie: Great, you guys are eligible. So this is what you’ll need to get started. (eCM Nickie) (eCM Josh) (eCM Nickie) eCM Nickie: After one student registers, you will be able to choose your team name. Then you can invite other students to join. eCM Josh: Remember, your team isn’t complete or valid until your Team Advisor registers and links themselves to your team. You can’t get started until this step is complete. Male Student (Blue Shirt): Ok, but once we get started, how do we choose a project. eCM Nickie: Now, that’s really up to you. What you want to do is choose something in your community that you would like to solve using science. We offer something called Mission Challenges to help you in this process. These Mission Challenges are anything from health to the environment. For example, if you're looking to save energy costs for your school, or maybe you want to research the health of your local lake. These are all good starts to a Mission Folder. eCM Josh: Now, once you have an idea that interests your team, the next step is to do a bit of research. You can go to the library or use the internet to look at past science fair topics. Then you need to figure out if you want to use the scientific method, scientific inquiry, or the engineering design process to solve that problem. Male Student (Blue Shirt): What are those? Scientific method, scientific inquiry, and engineering process? eCM Josh: Well that’s easy, the answer is right through that door… Female Student: Umm… that’s the front door. Mae Student (White Shirt): Whoa… eCM Josh: The scientific method is (eCM Josh) (eCM Nickie) eCM Josh: Now, the engineering design process is (eCM Josh) eCM Josh: Have you ever used a helmet? Male Student (Blue Shirt):Yea, on my bike, all the time. eCM Josh: Well, when the engineers designed that helmet, they used the engineering design process to figure out a design that was the safest for your head. They also use the engineering design process to figure out how to make the helmets in a factory. eCM Nickie: All three of these processes are great ways to attack a problem carefully propose solutions. Female Student: Ok, that makes a lot of sense. ECM Nickie: Good! Now on the website, we also have something called Mission Folder tips that will help you along the way throughout the Mission Folder. If you have questions along the way, remember you can go to your Team Advisor, but if you guys get really stuck, you can give Mission Control a call or email. We’re always right there to help you. eCM Josh: Looks like our job here is done. Good luck on getting started on your Mission Challenge. Male Student (White Shirt): Ok, thanks Mission Control… but is there any chance you can help us back home? *Music*

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