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Smart dust micro computers

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(...) but in the future, every square inch of every city will be alive with intelligence. Because every street and every bulding will have a network of microcomputers built right into them. Dr. Chris Pister calls it 'Smart Dust'. A Smart Dust, particle, or mote is a wireless sensor with sensing computation, communication, and power in one package. This 'all-in-one' microcomputers will be small. Very small. The size of mote today is about the size of a grain of rice. Now we've shown that we can make the circuitry smaller of the light of that eventually, it'll be possible to make things that are on a sub-million meters size scale. Tiny specs of computer's Smart Dust will form a vast invisible network that can help manage the infrastructure of even the largest city. The smart cities in the future will take this low-power, inexpensive and small technology and basically distribute it everywhere. These tiny computers record information about their surroundings; information they can send to other computers or to you. The Smart Dust on the tracks will manager your commuter trains and you'll know if it's running late. Paddles will be able to report themselves and warning your car. And you'll never have to wait for a radio traffic report again. They're monitoring the flow of traffic and giving little alerts about what round is the driver ready to go to keep the traffic moving. Bridges will get a coding of Sarmt Dust particles that can warn us when they detect stress fractures helping avoid deadly colapses. But Smart Dust will also allow buildings and streets to recognize you and respond accordingly. Think increasingly, the environment will respond to who you are and adapt in consequence. The city will know where you are if you want to. Your workplace will know you. Smart Dust at the entrance will boot up your computer. And Smart Dust embedded in the elevator doors will automatically ring your floor. Smart Dust is going to sense the environment and allow us to improve the way that we live our lives. No matter how we live in the future city, it'll be radically different.

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Posted by: crba on Nov 12, 2009

This video shows how the new technology of smart dust will be used to improve our lives in the future, in the sense of ubiquitous computing.

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