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Straw Dogs (2011)

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(TV) Well, education's a very difficult thing to control, Harry. One thing... (Harry on tv) work on her and not me. [pounding on door] Look at that! [click] [gunshot] Amy! Are you okay? [short scream] [dialtone] Hello 911? [muffled voice] 911, what's your emergency? [gunshot] There are five men with guns outside. [lost connection tone] [gunshots, screams] [quiet] ♪ [folk guitar] (woman) What do you think? It's beautiful. It must have been great growing up here. (woman) We all trust each other here. We don't even lock our doors. (man) I saw you in a picture wearing a cheerleading uniform. I'll take it out of storage for you, if you want. (man) I'd like that. I'm glad we came. [strange sound] (woman) Brad pickly.. I've I had catsup. No. Mr. Stoner? Charlie. I put in that bid for me and my crew to rebuild that roof of yours. Oh yeah, that's right. Can you start tomorrow? [strange sound] [saws cutting] A little early - don't you think? (Charlie) That's the way we do things around here. You get used to it. Okay. Thank you guys. [strange sound] [strange sound] [snapping] (man 1) That ain't right, man. (man 2) If that ain't right, I don't know what right is. [honks 3 times] (woman) They were practically licking my body outside. (man) I can't just walk out there and accuse them. (woman) You're a coward. [strange noise] (man) Okay. I'll fire them tomorrow. (man with accent) How much they gon' pay us? (Charlie) Don't worry about that. We're all gonna get what we deserve. [strange noise] Hey Charlie, there is something in the Bible I do believe. Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's wife. (Charlie) What happens when thy neighbor's wife covets you? (TV) Education is a very difficult thing... [pounding on the door] [click] [gunshot] There are five men with guns outside. (Charlie) They're not going to come out, guys. So we have to get in. If they get into this house, we're dead. [screaming] No! [strange noise] (Charlie) He's got some man in him after all. (Charlie) Don't be scared/ (David) This is my house. I will not allow violence in this house. [man screaming] [Captions by]

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