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ODA - The smarter choice

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The bad news is IT is not keeping up with the business. The business needs to chill. The good news is the CIO is ready to find a hardware refresh. So... I want the two of you to figure out the best way to run out Oracle database. As "two" together? So, what do you think about Oracle Database Appliance? It’s purposed-built to run Oracle database plus apps. The “what” appliance? Oracle Database Appliance. Basically, it’s a complete Oracle database environment: compute, OS, networking and storage. And you can set the all thing up in 30 minutes. Yeah, but... what about networking? And storage? I literally just said those words. I definitely found our new solution. With Oracle Database Appliance, patches and quarterly updates are automated and pre-qualified. I can do that stuff in my sleep. Yeah, but remember when you forgot about that security patch? I was thinking you totally jammed on that last appointment. No doubt. So, why don’t you make your recommendation, I’ll make mine, then let the Director choose. 14 minutes? Bring it on. To sum up, Oracle Database Appliance is simple, optimised and affordable. It deploys in minutes. It requires fewer resources. It provides a path to the Cloud which future-proofs our IT investments. We reduce expenses with capacity on-demand licensing which means we pay as we grow and it starts at a very affordable price. Impressive. So, what have you got, Dave? So, how does Oracle Database Appliance provide a path to the Cloud? That’s going to be key for the CIO. It’s architected for the on-premise world, but also engineered for hybrid Cloud environments. So, it's really easy to do backup and disaster recovery. We can move workloads like dev tests to the Oracle public Cloud. I think you and I are ready to take this to the CIO. Let’s go. Oracle Database Appliance. Simple. Optimised. Affordable. And ready for the Cloud.

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ODA - The smarter choice

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