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The BUPA story

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Bupa, is a global healthcare company, created over 60 years ago. We began in the United Kingdom In 1947, with 38,000 customers. In 1950, we launched our first, company paid insurance scheme, For the BBC. And by the 1960's, Registrations had reached 400,000 And 4,000 company groups. During the 1970's, we opened our first screening centre. Established our first overseas business in Malta, And then in Hong Kong. Throughout the 1980's we continued to expand, opening our first purpose built hospital. And our first nursing home. In 1989, Sanitas, one of Spain's largest private healthcare providers, joined BUPA. and we launched BUPA worldwide cover. The 1990's saw more new ventures: The acquisition of 4 major care home operators, The establishment of our wellness offer, Dental cover, And travel insurance. And we formed BUPA Arabia. Since the year 2000, We have created BUPA Latin America, Opened offices in China, Established Max BUPA in India, And Health Dialog in the US, joined the group. We acquired care services in Australia, And New Zealand. And became Australia's largest provider of private medical insurance Today, we have customers in more than 190 countries With over 52,000 people serving over 10 million customers. With a further 24 million served by Health Dialog. We use our global knowledge, to benefit our customers Combining International experience, with local wisdom. And because we have no shareholders, We reinvest our money, to provide better healthcare, In the areas that matter most to our customers, like wellness, chronic disease, and ageing. We provide health assessments, and therapies, At BUPA centres in the United Kindom, and Mellennium centres in Spain. Occupational health services, to keep employees healthy Along with financial protection, and specialised care. We are leaders in Nursing homes, and dementia care. And the world's leading provider, of private medical insurance. Working with the best healthcare specialists We want to be advocates, And help shape thinking in modern healthcare. To lobby and champion health issues, that really matter to people. we work in partnership with local authorities, and governments. offering support to national health services, we are working to create, a healthier society. Providing funding and awards, for medical research. Supported by BUPA foundations Promoting fitness by inspiring people to be active ensuring the fitness of major sporting stars And helping communities, through volunteering. We believe in helping people live longer, healthier, And happier lives

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Posted by: bupa2 on Aug 7, 2013

Watch this video to learn more about Bupa's history, products, services and ambition for the future.

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