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Sermon Text: Luke 7:36-50 (NOW ONE OF THE) PHARISEES INVITED JESUS TO HAVE DINNER WITH HIM, SO HE WENT TO THE PHARISEE'S HOUSE AND RECLINED AT THE TABLE. WHEN A WOMAN WHO HAD LIVED A SINFUL LIFE IN THAT TOWN LEARNED THAT JESUS WAS EATING AT THE PHARISEE'S HOUSE, SHE BROUGHT AN ALABASTER JAR OF PERFUME, AND AS SHE STOOD BEHIND HIM AT HIS FEET WEEPING, SHE BEGAN TO WET HIS FEET WITH HER TEARS. THEN SHE WIPED THEM WITH HER HAIR, KISSED THEM, AND POURED PERFUME ON THEM. WHEN THE PHARISEE WHO HAD INVITED HIM SAW THIS, HE SAID TO HIMSELF, "IF THIS MAN WERE A PROPHET, HE WOULD KNOW WHO IS TOUCHING HIM AND WHAT KIND OF WOMAN SHE IS - THAT SHE IS A SINNER." JESUS ANSWERED HIM, "SIMON, I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU." "TELL ME, TEACHER," HE SAID. "TWO MEN OWED MONEY TO A CERTAIN MONEYLENDER. ONE OWED HIM FIVE HUNDRED DENARII, AND THE OTHER FIFTY. NEITHER OF THEM HAD THE MONEY TO PAY HIM BACK, SO HE CANCELLED THE DEBTS OF BOTH. NOW WHICH OF THEM WILL LOVE HIM MORE?" SIMON REPLIED, "I SUPPOSE THE ONE WHO HAD THE BIGGER DEBT CANCELLED." "YOU HAVE JUDGED CORRECTLY," JESUS SAID. THEN HE TURNED TOWARD THE WOMAN AND SAID TO SIMON, "DO YOU SEE THIS WOMAN? I CAME INTO YOUR HOUSE. YOU DID NOT GIVE ME ANY WATER FOR MY FEET, BUT SHE WET MY FEET WITH HER TEARS AND WIPED THEM WITH HER HAIR. YOU DID NOT GIVE ME A KISS, BUT THIS WOMAN, FROM THE TIME I ENTERED, HAS NOT STOPPED KISSING MY FEET. YOU DID NOT PUT OIL ON MY HEAD, BUT SHE HAS POURED PERFUME ON MY FEET. THEREFORE, I TELL YOU, HER MANY SINS HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN - FOR SHE LOVED MUCH. BUT HE WHO HAS BEEN FORGIVEN LITTLE LOVES LITTLE." THEN JESUS SAID TO HER, "YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN." THE OTHER GUESTS BEGAN TO SAY AMONG THEMSELVES, "WHO IS THIS WHO EVEN FORGIVES SINS?" JESUS SAID TO THE WOMAN, "YOUR FAITH HAS SAVED YOU; GO IN PEACE." This is the Word of our Lord. Let us pray. Glorious and gracious God, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of each of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, our only source of hope and comfort. Amen. (Text taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION 1978, used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.) Dear Followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Do you hate fees? Those little things that seem to keep cropping up everywhere these days. There's fees if we use our bank cards. There are fees if you're flying, for how much extra luggage you can take. Or if it weighs too much. There are fees for all of the things that used to be FREE! And considered good business practices! But now because everybody wants to make the most money, with the least amount of service, fees get attached to everything. But it really isn't a new idea. A new idea, to be able to keep the money that we have, sometimes without showing and expressing that kind of gratitude an everyday commonplace courtesy to others. It really is no different than the Pharisee that had a dinner party and had invited Jesus. Maybe he even thought he was doing a good thing. Maybe he just wanted to hear what Jesus had to teach ... because Jesus WAS an interesting character. An interesting religious figure of His day to so many people. Maybe the Pharisee figured he had snagged a good thing and he'd have other guests at his party who were interested in Jesus as well and they could learn a few things. Whatever his reasons for inviting Jesus to dinner at his house, Jesus had accepted and came into the Pharisee's house, and reclined at his table ... pulled up to the table Himself to enjoy the meal that was prepared for Him. But Jesus wasn't the only one who had the attention of the guests in that house. Because in came that woman. That woman who must have appeared to people to be an absolute emotional wreck. She stood there weeping in the presence of Jesus. She took out expensive perfume and poured it on His feet, got down on the ground next to His feet and wiped it off with her hair. The smell and the aroma from that perfume must have wafted through the room and through the house ... as she continued to come to Christ emotional ... crying ... weeping ... showing her love for Him. To the distraction of the other guests and really to the annoyance of that host! To the annoyance of that host that we're told thought in his head: If this man really were a prophet, he would KNOW what kind of woman she was. That SHE ... was a sinner! That SHE ... was a bad woman! That SHE ... was NOWHERE NEAR ... like ME and what I am! How easy it is, for human beings, to look at other people and immediately judge what they are! Immediately look at their actions and come up with all kinds of thoughts in their heads that is usually demeaning. Very often degrading, just like this Pharisee, sitting at his dinner party, calling this woman in attendance a sinner. Just like David ... when he heard the Prophet Nathan come to him with the story of that rich man who had so many sheep and cattle but when a traveler came into his house he went to his neighbor, who only had one sheep, and had it slaughtered, so that he could feed his travelers. David was quick to judge how evil that man was. How horrible that man was and he sat there listening to that story, as an adulterer, and a murderer himself! Maybe that's why it's so easy to judge everybody else. Because we know what's in our own heart. We know ... what WE do. And we have to be better than those horrible sinners that are out there. Here sits this Pharisee imagining these thoughts in his own head. And Jesus turns to him and says, "SIMON, I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU." And Simon responds to Jesus and says: Well, tell me. There are two men. One of them owes fifty denarii, one of them owes five hundred. Neither of them could pay the debt. Neither of them could erase the debt that was there. But the moneylender cancelled their debts. Who do you suppose was happier? Who do you suppose loved more? And Simon said to Jesus: Well, I suppose it's the one who had the greater debt. And Jesus said to him, "YOU HAVE JUDGED CORRECTLY." And now the point of the story: Simon look at that woman. Look at that woman and look at yourself. You, when I came into your house, did not give me water to wash my feet ... to comfort me, to prepare me to enter into your house. To sit here and be comfortable. And that woman ... that sinner ... washed her feet, washed MY feet with her tears. Simon, you didn't give me oil to put on my head, to soothe my skin, to calm down the heat and the effects of the sun. But look at that sinner. That woman who has poured out perfume on my feet ... and then wiped it with her hair. She has loved much. Do you understand Simon? Because she has been forgiven much. Her debt has been cancelled. Do you understand now Simon what I am trying to tell you. Your debt, has been cancelled as well. You ... have been forgiven as well. And we have been forgiven as well ... through the working of Jesus Christ Himself. And He comes to us today with that same reminder. He comes into our hearts to say: Your debt has been cancelled! The things that you could not pay ... for the times in your life when God applied fees to your account. When the financial market went down and all of a sudden you lost trust in God. Applied to your account ... eternal damnation. When you decided it was easier for you to look in the daily paper at the horoscope for guidance in your life and leave your Bible closed. God applied to your account .... eternal damnation. When you DIDN'T use God's name in prayer and in praise to turn to Him for every single blessing He has showered on you in your life ... God applied to your account .. damnation. When you came to worship only because you HAD to and not because your heart brought you here, and ears wanting to hear the Word. Damnation applied. When you sat in judgment over all of the neighbors that you encountered in your life, God applied damnation. When you didn't honor your parents, when you didn't respect those people that God has placed in authority over you in the government or in the church, damnation applied. When you hated someone else ... damnation applied. When you lusted in your heart after some image or some object, or some person ... damnation applied. When you looked at the evil thoughts you had about someone else and passed them right along to the next person to that great gossip circle .. damnation applied. When you looked at the blessings that God has given to other people and wanted them more than anything else in the whole world ... damnation applied. I can't ... cancel ... that debt. I can't rid myself of that damnation and you ... can't ... either. Only done through Jesus Christ. Only done by Jesus Christ taking that eternal condemnation and debt upon Himself. Taking it to the cross of Calvary and by His blood wiping our debt completely clean. Totally erased by His love, and His compassion, that He has for us. And we hear from the pages of Scripture ... we hear from our pastor, we hear from each other the words of Christ Himself: "YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN." Your debt has been paid. Your account cancelled. Heaven is yours! That's the glorious and gracious news that the Gospel presents to us each and every day. And that's the Gospel that we live in. THAT is the Gospel that inspires our life. Not the Law. Not the Law that we apply to ourselves to make us look better than someone else, or to make them look worse than us. But the Gospel that says: Christ forgave your sins. You ARE a dear child of your heavenly Father. He has showered and poured out His love upon you. Understand the debt that has been cancelled. You HAVE eternal life! You now understand what love is. You understand what the grace of God is. And you live ... in ... that love. We're not the Simons of the world who don't show compassion or courtesy or understanding to those around us. But we realize what God has done for us and in love, we reach out to others with the forgiveness that God has given to us. We come to our neighbors. We confess our sins. We ask for their forgiveness. When someone sins against us, we forgive them as well. We SHOW that love REGARDLESS of what other people are going to think. That woman that came into that party was not concerned with anyone else there ... except Jesus Christ. And this opportunity for her to show her thanks and love. In this life we should not be concerned about what anyone else thinks. They are not going to "get it" if they are outside of the faith. They are NEVER going to understand our actions. They are NEVER going to understand our thought processes. They will NEVER understand the love of God ... for they don't have it. But that doesn't stop us from showing that love. From weeping sometimes in the presence of God in His Gospel, when we are reminded that I, the chief of sinners, have been forgiven by God. That we can come to Him with great offerings. Offerings that are expensive. That really are truly valuable ... that we want Him to have, from our hands ... because He's placed them there in our hands. That we love Him. And we show that love to Him and we show that love to others ... because our debt has been cancelled. That's what Jesus was teaching Simon. That's what Jesus was teaching all of the guests who were gathered there. That's what Jesus was teaching when we hear Him say once again to that sinner of a woman: "YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN." That's what He come to us with each and every moment of our lives. "YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN." Your debt has been cancelled. Now go in peace and show that love that has been shown to you. Amen. Let us rise. Now may the peace of God which goes beyond all of our understanding, keep your hearts and your minds, and especially your lives, in the one true faith unto life everlasting. Amen.

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The mind-boggling Good News of forgiveness through Jesus Christ spurs us on to love others as we journey through this earth-life to our heavenly Home. Contact Pastor Dave:

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