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SAAS Sales Play SID

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The multifactor authenticators to secure Cloud access for Cloud Apps, Sales Play enables customers to obtain greater visibility and access control over their growing number of Cloud and SAAS applications. Key Cloud Applications I will focus on are Microsoft Office 365,, Workday, and ServiceNow, because these provide the best RSA SecurID Access, net new logo, and expansion opportunities. The Salesplay applies to organizations where security sensitive and those who are looking for good enough solutions. Companies are moving popular applications and sensitive information to the Cloud and they need a way to assure users are who they say they are, in an environment where they have even less control. Out computing is at the heart of the digital transformation and today, more than 90% of businesses use the Cloud in some capacity. Organizations are taking various steps to protect access to cloud applications. However, they are falling short of being able to provide security in a consumer simple end-user experience. Here are some of the challenges to look for. Static user names and passwords fail to provide security. Also, varied application password result in users having too many passwords to manage, and these passwords can be easily stolen and used without anyone knowing, forcing users to access Cloud applications from the corporate network through a VPN is convenient for users. This may be an effective control but it deprives users the flexibility they need to access Cloud apps from virtually anywhere on any device. Different authentication methods for different apps is confusing for users and hard for IT to support. Multiple tools for multiple vendors adds complexity for the users and the support teams. It supports all of your on-premises applications as well. IT and end users get the flexibility to choose from a variety of mobile authentication options as well as traditional hardware and software tokens. Additionally, RSA SecurID Access offers machine learning behavioral analytics for inquiries identity assurance in a streamlined end user experience. The bottom line is RSA SecurID Access empowers organizations to maximize user productivity by enabling them to safely work wherever and from whatever device they choose. While there are plenty of integration details for each, I'm only gonna provide a high level overview here. RSA SecurID Access is integrated with Microsoft Azure AD for protecting access to Microsoft Office 365. For, Workday, and ServiceNow, security access is available through standard sample interoperability and our single sign on agent. Customers need the Cloud authentication service that comes with the Enterprise License. Three key discovery areas with prospects are: determine what Cloud applications are being used, who is using them, and whether or not they already use RSA SecurID. For Office 365, probe to determine how they have implemented it and what components they are using. Are they using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication already? What do they need to protect? For each of these, where are these services running, hosted, hybrid, or on-prem? Are they trying to secure sensitive information? Adhere to compliance regulations? Provide easy access to users? Are they keen to augment what they have and leverage a single RSA platform? RSA offers a single authentication platform that provides visibility and secure access to all the Cloud-based and on-premises applications in an organization.

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SAAS Sales Play SID

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