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HAPHEAD - EPISODE 5 'Condition of the Heart'

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Forget your keys? You're so dopey these days... Hey, Maxine, uh... I got some really bad news. I'm sorry. Didn't even know he had a heart condition. He's chasing after this teenager and... he wasn't It was quick, at least. He was dead before the paramedics flew in. I'm sorry. Hi, I'm from Pervasive Insurance. I'm looking for Maxine at this address. It's me. Would this be a good time to go over some paperwork in relation to your father's passing? His funeral's at... 3. Do you know what time it is? It's just after 12. This should only take a few moments. OK. Come in. I'm gonna make some tea. Do you want something? I'm OK, thanks though. It's just a formality, really. We have to do an in-person visit when the... payout is over a certain amount, purchased relatively recently. It's an algorithm thing. I didn't know that my dad even had insurance. He'd call it a stupidity tax. No offence. None taken. I've heard worse, believe me. I see here that it was a part of his workplace benefits... That's why the payout is so high. I guess he started a new job recently? Last week. The other thing that was flagged was the involvement of hapheads. Did you know about that? No. They kept it quiet for compassionate reasons. Did your father have any other gang affiliations do you know? No. Hapheads aren't gang members. They're videogame enthusiasts. Right, and bikers are motorcycle enthusiasts... You know, in my line of work I only see the violence reports. We also noted that your father had a tattoo removed recently. Do you think that may have upset his fellow gang members? No, because he didn't have gang affiliations. He was a minimum wage security guard my whole life. And that's exactly what the official report says. Anyway, it's just a formality. We have to make sure the beneficiary matches our records And I can definitely check that box. It doesn't even look like him. Well, it isn't. It's a collection of cells, a husk. It was... It was my fault. What? Sweetie no. Never. He had his own reasons for taking the job. Can you believe there's a haphead in there? A haphead? After what happened to Simon? Well, that's just disrespect... Oh... that's his daughter. Well, it does look more like him. Incoming call. Call declined.

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HAPHEAD - EPISODE 5 'Condition of the Heart'

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