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speculation also affects neighborhood businesses a $900 rent increase on his camera store forced San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk to move I look at this from two sides I'm a renter, or three sides I guess three sides of Harvey Milk I'm a renter, a small business operator and a city supervisor I know that from the repression point of view and the other side and i know is not just the poor people shut deaf i know is not just the people from the middle economic class, myself who are being shut out out of my house for instance and certainly out of this store speculation also does one othe rthing that people don't realize or at least not enough people realize and that is that when you pay so much for your rent or you own a home and you mortgage pay is so high that you have a piece of the pie it takes out of the economy the extra disposible income which you would normally spend on buying a tie going out to eat dinner, or a tv set an iron, or an ironing board you don't spend money on that sooner or later that's going to crunch the economy very badly because too much is going into the basic need of shelter that will cycle home* and that is the sales of ties, ironing boards to drop. Some of the income you're making will drop and you wont have the money to pay those mortgage payments or rent and it comes home So when you look at the rent speculation and the condominiums which is just another avenue for the speculators to get into it when you look at that is going to affect the national economy. next clip: Harvey Milk, Enola Maxwell and other debate the housing crisis at the san francisco board of supervisors in 1977.

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