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Gotta Share

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... I'm really happy that John Reynolds is here. Come on up, John. And he's going to announce a brand new social media platform called Twirler Please welcome John Reynolds. Applause Thank you. We're very excited to launch our new platform I do have to ask you to turn off all your mobile devices If that’s okay, news of this won’t break until 6pm and we'd like to keep it quiet. It'd really be great if there's no sharing of information at all until... You want us to turn our devices off (laughter) Sorry I'm sorry, sir. I can't comply I have got to be online all the time. Let me tell you how my life works. At breakfast I’m tweeting. I'm tweeting while I'm eating. Cause everything I ever do, I want the world to see it too. I'm surfing, I'm typing and also I am skyping. So, who are you to tell us no? I'm putting this on Vimeo. Gotta share. Gotta share. Don't you dare. Try to tell us not to share. No we’re not bitter. We just need twitter. Share! Oh my God! I have to put this on Facebook! It's so great, I can't wait to write my status update. Wish I could share this with my cat. There's got to be an app for that! I spend all my Fridays uploading pics to MySpace Then no one else here is on MySpace? No, no. Gotta share. Gotta share. On Four Square. I'm the major of this room. Share all of your mysteries. Share your purchase histories. Share. Share. I never knew that all of you were so interconnected. I expected some Facebook friending. Now I see this song is trending. Now our song is getting big. Now it's reached the top of Digg. Youtube, tumbler, also Reddit. Looks like BoingBoing also spread it. Tons of people just ReTweeted. All those people must have seen it. Wow. Gotta share. Gotta share. Gotta share. Gotta share. Gotta share. Gotta share. Gotta share. Gotta share. Gotta share. Gotta share. We got to share. We got to share. (applause) (applause) (applause) (applause) Unfortunately that's the end of my time. Thank you.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 19 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: mgabriela on Oct 18, 2011

For our latest mission, a musical breaks out at the GEL Conference in New York. A speaker is suddenly interrupted by a man who refuses to turn off his cell phone. This is the fourth in our series of Spontaneous Musical projects.

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