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C6L12: Wall Control

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This is really a great drill. I call this wall control. You will notice a players when they are waiting for their opponents they will hit against the net the wall like this. What this does is it teaches a player about their coil. It gets you connected your hips to your racket head. All you are doing really is leaving your racket quiet out in front of you at the hit and you are just moving your body a little bit in and out. You really can't make a full figure 8 but you sort of pull in with your knees and your legs and you come out with your knees and your legs. You just stay with the speed of the ball, almost like bouncing a basketball. As the ball is coming off the wall towards you, you slowly pull back with it and then with your body and then move back towards the wall. Its really more of a body motion than a racket motion. See it I leave the tip of my racket forward making sure not to lay the head back. I use my legs and my knees a little to turn in and out. I stay with the speed of the ball its a great way to learn about your coil and to learn how the body effects the racket. Its also just a great way to get connected. If you are getting warmed up for a match and your partner is not there or you are having trouble staying connected, getting connected. Try this drill you can do it either against a wall or you can do it against the net if the net is tight enough. It will still come back enough where you can sort of get into your rhythm. Try this wall control drill, you will like it and so will your students.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 20, 2014

Here is an excellent way to understand the coil and move with the ball.

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