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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~09:16:13 - 09:31:14

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Now, we are all reminded and authorized to make our bodies... to hold our bodies in good posture, that's upright. Not to bend. Not bending. That makes the skeleton unhealthy and not strong, as well. So, we are advised to have a rest. After working, we have to work more. We should also make some time for what now? For resting. -Is that clear? -Yes. Maybe it might be during the night or during the day. You can also have a rest. When we have finished our duties, we can also have a rest. When we have a lot of work to do. We are usually tired by the end of the day. The body gets tired, doesn't it? Your body requires some rest One should not only rest at night. Even during the day one can find time to do what? Take a nap. That's just resting. To keep your skeleton what? Strong. Are you following? You must have enough rest. It is important to rest. It doesn't help if you spend all your time at home watching TV. To just lay around all the time. One doesn't have to sit and watch TV until 10 at night! You must get rest. You must go to sleep at a good time. Not sleeping at 10 o'clock. "Well, we usually stay up late dancing when there is a wedding." There is no harm in having fun, but just know that you are destroying what? Your health. Now, for the sake of your body, you must abandon such routine things and go to sleep at the right time. Ok, these are the main 5 ways of how we can keep our skeleton strong. Are you following? There are 5 ways of keeping our skeleton strong. 1: By doing exercises. What type of exercises for example? Jogging, skipping, playing football, netball, juggling. All those are examples of exercises. 2: By eating a variety of foods. For example, in the morning, you may have a breakfast. You may have bread with milk. And you may take an egg, a fruit. By doing so, you have made your meal. The meal which you have taken has got all the food groups. In the noon, it's also the same. If you are having nsima, nsima with beans - there must be vegetables there. There's fruit there. In that way, you are taking food consisting of all food groups. If we do all these things then... You are making your bodies strong - your skeletons strong. But if you eat the same food all the time or eat food in only one food group, then you end up destroying what? Your skeleton and your posture. You may find that your legs start bowing. You'll end up with bowed legs... You are lacking something in your body. Do you get me? You might get rickets, among other diseases. What vitamins does the body need? -Vitamin what? -A. Vitamin A? -C. -C? D! E! Okay, lack of Vitamin D leads to rickets. Our bodies will get vitamin D from the foods that contain what? D vitamins. If the body is to respond to the intake of vegetables and calcium. We also have to eat foods containing what? Calcium. It's not healthy to just eat food containing proteins. How do you think this will affect your skeleton? It won't end well. So, by wearing flat-heeled shoes, by practicing good posture, and having enough rest. OK, that's the end of our lesson. Is there any questions? -Any questions? -No. -None? -Yes. If there're no questions, can you give me 5 ways of making our skeletons strong? Give me 5 ways how we can make our skeletons strong. Yes, this one. Do exercises. By doing exercises. What else? Agnes? Having enough rest. By having enough rest. What else? Eating a variety of foods. Eating a variety of foods. A variety of foods. Good! What else? Sofia? Having enough food. Having enough food? Ok. That's a variety. Enough is just the same as variety. The main point there is variety. Because we can have enough food of the same type, there's no... There is nothing helpful here. Wearing flat-heeled shoes. Wearing flat-heeled shoes because high-heeled shoes strains your skeleton. Women who wear high-heeled shoes often have problems with what? They end up having an aching back, right? Has anyone of you ever tried a high-heeled shoe? What happens? So... you're straining your what? Your backbone. Your backbone is getting strained. Ok, did we get all five points? Doing exercises. What else? Having enough food, a variety of foods. Wearing flat-heeled shoes... I think you've forgotten one thing, would you like to come around to this side? Others, when you come here and sit on the chair, you have forgotten the point. You see? The point you have forgotten is something you have just seen. Our friend came here and sat like this... Others walked like this... Yet you've forgotten the point. If you forget that, then I may just have wasted my time telling you all that I have. It is the easiest point of them all. Practicing good posture. What? "Practicing good posture." Again! "Practicing good posture." Ok, have a nice day. Do you not know how to reply to that? You can just say "thank you" Yes, that's all you have to say, "Thank you". Thank you! Madam's coming. She'll be mad at us. And with the way we make noise, if we're noisy... "If I find you making noise, I'll be really mad". So what. Standford got some money yesterday. How much? Ask Christopher. I'll say, "When Standford comes, there will be snacks to eat..." "Standford can we have some? Hey, could you share with us?" No, he's really stingy. He's stingy. He's... What do you mean he's really stingy? He's never shared anything with you? Standford has never shared anything with me, I swear! He's never shared anything with me. I'm tired. But I have to do my math exercises. Edith, I think you have my pen. When did I take it, Natasha? See this is my pen, I have a new pen. Let's see. Yours is there. Take a look in there, you might find yours there. Just take a look. What! No! I just got this from you. So! So what! So what! So what! So what! Look, look at her! Did this little thing cost 300 kwacha? You're stubborn! Look at you! How much is 5 x 5? Your a lost cause. Look at you! You farted. No. But I thought? Oooh! We were trying to turn the soil in the field yesterday. Just removing some weeds. Talk in English. No talking in Chichewa. Hey, look at you! She doesn't even have a jersey. -I'll tell her! -I'll tell Site... Stan, she says you have no jersey! She says there's no jersey. She says you have no jersey! She says you have no jersey! She's lying Stella! Site, Site, Site? I was talking to Natasha and said she has no jersey, so. -What did Site say? -She says you have no jersey. She'll break you. Look at you! Site, she's lying! She's lying, Site! I was saying that to her. She's the one who's turned it on you, Site! I'll break you! What? Madam! Is there really a holiday on Monday? Should we bring hoes on Tuesday? And seeds too, if anyone has planted seeds at home? What type of seeds? Vegetables. There are different types of vegetables. Are we going to plant many types of vegetables or should we just have one type? No! Everyone that has some at home should bring them.

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