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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~08:02:26 - 08:17:26

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Give it here already. I don't want to play anymore. I don't want to play anymore. I don't want to. -I'll just do like this and then I'm done. -I'll play with you. -No, I don't want to anymore. -Are you going to put it in the oven? -No, I don't want to put it in the oven. -Just once. -No. -Just once with this. -No. When you bring stuff, you don't let me play with you. I could let you play with me, but I don't want to. If I were you, I would give me some. Where is the knife? Where is the knife? Alright, where is it? -Do you have a stick? Do you have a stick? -There's one over there. I fixed it up for you. Come put this one on the cupboard. Should I put it next to the other one on top of the cupboard? I'll put them somewhere nice, one here and one here, okay? I didn't lose any. I didn't take any! I'll play with you. I put it for you.... -Leave it. Leave it! -My clay! No. -Where you clay? -My clay is in there, isn't it? -The camera is inside. -Where's my clay? My I had a big piece of clay, right? This big, right Jamila? Look, if you just make it round...See? It gets bigger at first. Look. Where did that one go? It gets bigger. So that yours comes out big like this. See how big it got? Jamila wrecked it. If I want to play, will you give me some? -I won't lose any. -Just be natural. I won't take any from you. Like this...It's always like this. Play with your clay. Make a pizza. Behave yourself. -I made an apple. -Just stay... No! No! Please no! -Jamila, give everyone a piece of clay. -Mom, I already gave him one. He threw it on the ground. Give Ahmad a big piece. Shame on you. -Isn't the apple pretty? -I already gave him some. -No, it's not my problem. -Mom, isn't the apple pretty? Isn't the apple pretty? -Do you have a color like this? -I want a black. - Black? Yellow. Ahmad, go to the store and get some clay, please. I'll go get.... -Where? -A small pack of clay, a small pack. -How many? -Mama, tell him to get some for me too. -You're playing with Jamila. -No! But it's small... -Where are my sandals, Mama? -Bring one for me. He doesn't have... -Where is the knife? -Far away. That's not allowed. Ha, ha, ha. I have a box. You thought I did it for you... My eyes miss him ♪ My heart longs for him ♪ The Prophet, peace be upon him ♪ ...when he was circumambulating the Ka'aba he saw...♪ - Give me this. - I already gave you some. Try the one in front of you. - Like this? - No. I want to make it into a pizza. No way! Hamza! The Prophet, peace be upon him, said...♪ ...circumambulating the Ka'aba...♪ ...he saw...♪ How are you? We should beat it like this. Come bring some clay. We're playing with clay. Play with clay... Is the cutter in your hand? Where is that thing? -Hamza, don't copy me. -Why? Not normally. At their school, my school. He messes them up... She takes care of them. She likes her things and takes care of them, not like her brothers. Not me. Do I break her things, Mama? -Mama, do I break her things? -Ahmad... Where is that one? That one, where is it? Put the pizza...Hamza, want me to make you a kibbeh? -I know how. -Like this. If I want to make a kibbeh, I take off these colors and put on other colors... This is kibbeh. Kibbeh with yogurt, kibbeh with meat. Give me a piece. Give me a piece. Give me a piece. Will you give me a piece now, just until Ahmad brings more? No. I already gave you some. No. I swear I found it before... I found it like this yesterday. I took it and made it into... I let you play with me. Aren't you going to let me play with you? Yeah, but I'm not giving it to you. -I know. -But I'll give you a piece. -You're insulting me. I'm offended. I don't want any. I was just testing you. Look how it changed. Kibbeh...Look, I'm going to do like so... I'm going to take off these parts... No! No! No! My eyes miss him...♪ I want to make a snake, a snake, a snake. We can make... ....a snake. But we can't.... Bring it, bring it. Give it here! I can make a much bigger one. I can make it with my hands too. Look at this one... You know, if you... -Where are we going? -To Sumoud, let's go. -Whoa! On my God! No. No. I want to try...I want to try to make... -Jamila. -I just want to make a bracelet. -I'll come back in a bit. -There's not enough time, Jamila. - Let's go. -Give it to me. -No. -I just need to put away my stuff. -Where is Ahmad? -He went to get... -Where's Ahmad? Hurry up. ???????? Goodbye, goodbye, my children. Don't touch anything. Put it away. -Did you bring it? -I found this size. -Bring it. -But I need money. -Go inside. Later, later. Be careful, Jamila. Be careful, be careful! What are you doing? -That's really pretty! -Ahmad! There's no uniform? Ahmad! A snake. I'm playing the snake game. -Put it together here... -No, look... -I'll make you something pretty. I'll make you a hole. I'll make you a hole. -Do you want me to make you a hole? -No. But make a big snake. A it here... But the flower was pretty. Hamza?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GL Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera/Ron Carr
Views: 142
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 26, 2009

Jamila at home.

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