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La France championne du monde de football (12 Juillet 1998))

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And everything is fine in the stands! Even the Secretaries With Madam Attorney Greneral Look!! Bernard Kouchner Laurent Fabius is a little bit shy... Not really! Not really! As we also said, there was an old lady who brought her flag out again The last time was at the "liberation" So it is gonna be 50 years that the flag was in the basement And she told us: "I did not see that since the liberation" French National Anthem Emmanuel Petit for the 1st Corner of the French team Inswinging Corner kick... Nice corner at the 1st post And GOAL!! Zinedine Zidane scores! Zidane scores on this 1st corner with a wondeful header!! Guivarch at the 2nd post, Desailly too And Goal! Double from Zinedine Zidane! who in the injury time of the 1st half... put France ahead by 2 goals. Zidane is terrific Left! The Brazilian are not coming back... Left! Left! PETIT!... AND GOAL! 3RD GOAL FROM EMMANUEL PETIT! Who scores at the very last minute! The French Team is world champion! Do you believe it? The French Team is world champion by beating Brazil 3-0!!! 2 goals from Zidane 1 goal from Petit I think after seeing that, we can die happy... I mean...not now... But we can! Oh It's wonderful! Terrific! Terrific! Holly Cow!!! Oh lalala!! Oh that's unbelievable! that's unbelievable! We are gonna let the images talk because...Oh Yes! And after this wonderful french victory we are closing this evening edition The party is ready to start all night long... All our staff is in trance... with this French victory Thank you and Have a good night! Music This trophy... There it is !!! We are showing you what's going on on the Champs-Elysées It's extraordinary!! There is 1 million at the moment, around 1,200,000 persons on the Champs-Elysées People went out Instantaneously after the final whistle And It's the same everywhere in the country, in every French city Where we are going...

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Posted by: julien.brice.amon on May 1, 2010

The French Team became world champion after beating Brazil 3-0 in Paris. This is a summary of how France lived the final.

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