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Jason Brown - American Media

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Good afternoon! Eh... if we have a chance later, you can ask some questions, eh... also about me or why I care about this subject But we have to begin with this word dychotomy Is the same word in Spanish? dichotomy? So two sides, or something black or white do you know the word dychotomy? So Is Spain a socialist or a capitalist country? Capitalist (from audience) Is it? So, the government owns nothing in this country? No (laugh) Really? What about eh... the healthcare system? Is it only private companies or also the government has some? The governemt has some. / Ok So As we get older in life we work that it's only socialism or only capitalism it's a little bit of both So eh, we also have healthcare in the United States. if you had a lot of money... Who here has a lot of money? If you have a lot of money you're probably not sitting in the room right now you have better things to do than listen to me If I had a lot of money I would not be here either So, if you had a lot of money If you were Angelina Jolie and you had back problems You'll get the best doctors in the world. But not everyone has money like Angelina Jolie So what about "normal" people like us? So, in the United States right now we have three kinds of public or government insurance. And we have the other side. This other side does not care about you. They care about this. Do you know this symbol? Maybe you know this one better. They like that, too. OK? They also like this one from England. These things are owned by the governments. Medicare is for old people. Sixty-five years. Medicaid is for poor people. OK? People who don't have money. The third kind is for people who were soldiers. OK? If you were a soldier, you fought in a war like Irak, Afganistan... we have more countries we could list, Pakistan, Yemen and so on. You are a veteran, you have a government insurance. Well, I'm not old. I'm 36, that's not old, believe me. I'm not poor. I have nice blue jeans from California I have money for pants, and you see that I'm not a soldier. So what about normal people? How do we get healthcare? Well, we have to get health care from the insurances companies. So think about your favourite big rock band like U2 or The Beasty Boys. They work for a record company. The record company is not doing it for the good of people, they're doing it for that. That's music, that's rock, okay, but if you had back problems, something is wrong with your foot, you have cancer in your neck. You have to get help from these people who only see you as money... Barack Obama told the American people, if you make me president, I can help you. So, we said OK. We'll try it. So, we elected Barack Obama. You know that, right? Barack Obama, you know that name? Ok So, here's what we have in France they have something that’s called single payer Payer means the person who pays. This means there is only government insurance and you can pay a little more for a little more if you want. So France is a socialist style with their governments in charge. United States we have this kind, so Barak Obama said “We want something like this, we don’t want this” because boohhh it’s socialism and evil We think in America “Socialism is evil”. So, we have France here’s France and socialism, this is the centre here is the right side, we say pure capitalism then our system was about here. The reason is not here is because of these three government organizations, so what Barak Obama said he did not say...he did not go for the whole enchilada he said I am a reasonable person, let's have something called public option so, he wanted a fourth possibility old peolpe, poor people, sodiers, one for regular peolpe if they want so the problem is, the public option would put it somewhere about here but the goverment would have control so for half of the country, namely republicans, the goverment should be as small as possible because they think goverment is bad, now, you could say the goverment does bad things and we could say my goverment does more bad things than the spanish goverment but that's only because we have more opportuniy to do bad things, we have soldiers all over the world that costs a lot of money, so here we have Barack Obama saying, let's have health care for people who don't want a private company they want a public one Some people didn't like that Namely someone called... you guys know this person? Sarah Palin...Who is Sarah Palin? Well, who is Sarah Palin? Well mmm, I think she was in... I don't know where... (from audience)

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Posted by: xabierm on Oct 25, 2010

Professor Jason Brown's lecture at Universitat de Lleida in October 2010.

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