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Business Management Skills : How to Become a Manager

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Hello,I'm Debbie Benami-Rahm a career expert with let's talk a little bit of how to become a manager the very very first step is for you to really think about if this is for you if you decided you want to become a manager then you will become a manager take a look at your stengths and your passions and your talents, your skills, your knowledge, your abilities and then make it known that you do absolutely want take all of those strenghts and go into a manager position first step have a discussion with your current manager ask for his or her advice look at him or her as a role model then ask them for their advice on how you should proceed now that you know you want to become a manager what's the next step? can they help provide tools and resources, training and development for you can they send you to some workshops? internally, within your organization, or externally can they suggest a mentor or, does your organization have a formal mentoring program then submit yourself to be a mentee and get a mentor I have to admit from my professional career that mentors I've had have really catapulted my professional abilities and I'm a real proponent for getting a mentor the next thing is to make sure that you have the ability to showcase your stengths ask your manager if perhaps you can represent him or her in a meeting if you could make a presentation if you could hone your communication skills and get in front of people to show them that you have the ability to lead and to do research and to accumulate the information that's necessary to be a manager communication skills are absolutely the key. So good luck as you've decided to be a manager

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Posted by: vecttra on Mar 3, 2012

To become a manager, it is important to first make absolutely sure that it is right for you.

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