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DVAS Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services gets together to discuss and explain about shelter. Shelter. The sign for Shelter is "Shelter." What is the purpose of a shelter? The purpose of a shelter is to escape from an abusive relationship. Arrive at shelter, have a place to stay that is comfortable, and feel safe where you can rest easily. They will help with the process of starting a new life. That's where we come in: to give you access, to explain their rules, to let you know what's happening. Now we discuss more information, so when you go into a shelter, you will feel comfortable, warm, welcome and safe. First process, you must call the shelter's hotline. The hotline will reach out to you and have a conversation with you. They will ask you questions. Then you will be assigned to stay at a shelter. Not always. Sometimes the shelters are full. It depend. You will have to call them and see if you can stay overnight. They will ask you different kinds of questions regarding like do you have children? do you need any medicine? what is your abusive situation? Then discuss and drill you with lots of questions. After they drill you with questions, then they will find out if you can stay overnight at the shelter. Then what they tend to do is. . . They will meet you in a public place. like a food store, gas station, or any public place like a restaurant Then you meet, they will bring you into a shelter. Discuss and find out you don't have to stay here. Then they will provide you with an address. They will drive you to the house. It depend on the shelters. What's important You ask for an interpreter. You provide a list of interpreters you prefer ready to go. So when you arrive at the shelter, you're ready to provide them with a list. So they can start making calls to hire an interpreter. It's an interpreter you feel comfortable with. And you can contact them any time. When you go into a shelter, you are anxious about accessibility. They should be able to provide you with TTYs, or videophone ready to go. Plus any other accessibility like phone ringing devices, etc. They should. If you arrive and find out they don't have any of those things. It's important you tell them what you need. They should be able to meet your needs. And work it out, so it can be ready for you. Shelters tend to have different rules. Rules are so they can order you around. No. It's for safety for the future for everyone in the house. First important rule is confidentiality. The reason for that is. . Don't want to tell because if something happens outside of the shelter And if someone gets into the shelter that isn't safe. You cannot tell close family or friends where you are staying overnight. If you need to contact the abusive person. important you tell staff member. the staff member will be happy to find a way for you to contact that person. in order to make sure the shelter remains safe. The shelter itself has a curfew. Their expectations is that you must arrive on time before scheduled time. for safety reasons plus shelters tend to have a sign in/sign out sheets. you have to specify where you are going. for your safety in case something happens. So they can be ready for emergency. You are not permitted to use violence or abusive language. like racist (gay, lesbian) insulting commentaries. not permitted physical discipline for children like smacking is not allowed. If you feel you have a conflict on how to discipline the children. Go ahead and contact the staff members. They will be happy to help you with how you can do better with disciplining the children. And swearing languages are not permitted because you should respect other culture, language, etc. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited in the shelters. But if you happen to have prescription for yourself You can give it to a staff member, they can keep it locked up. Again it depends on the shelters and what they have. Most shelters tend to have meetings - mandatory house meetings you must attend and support groups to provide support for each other. It isn't mandatory. Before you arrive, you need to let staff members know you need interpreters. So they can be prepared if you let them know ahead of time. Also in the kitchens, they have sign up sheets. So each family can take turns when they are allowed to cook. They are pretty strict about cleaning up after yourselves. Shelters also have duties. like sweeping the floor, keeping the kitchen clean, dusting up the place. Each person has their own duties, so they can help each other out by keeping the shelter clean. the shelter also have rules about the children. Children must be supervised all the times. It doesn't matter where they are. If you are stuck because of an appointment, the staff members are happy to help out to supervising the children during your appointments. When the interpreters arrive Your advocate, staff members and interpreters can discuss. they will ask you more questions like your income. your transportation your children's school - where they go. as much information as possible. why do they drill you with questions? so they can match up with resources to help provide you with your new life for the future. Now that you have watched this video. I hope you feel like you have a better understanding of the process. of using a shelter and that you are not alone. Shelters are open to both deaf and hearing people. It's common for people to head out to shelters. To leave your home, to leave your abusive relationship to a new life, new change the overall experience, wow, it can be tough. most commonly, people feel alone in the process. doesn't matter, deaf or hearing, similar experiences. Some shelters do have 24/7 staff members. But if you prefer to exchange with someone deaf. In Vermont You can contact DVAS. If you are not in Vermont, you can even contact the national hotline for domestic violence. It is open 24/7. You can contact via AIM, email, TTYs, or videphone. You will see the information soon.

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