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August Rush (2007)

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[ Wind blowing ] (boy) I believe in music, the way some people believe in fairy tales. From what I hear it came from my father and mother. Once upon a time they fell in love. What are you looking at? You. ♪ Tonight the sky above...♪ I have to go. Let me walk you home. No, it's complicated. (guy) Hey --hey.. ♪ reminds me how to love ♪ (dad) Listen to me. Dad! You have to give the baby up. (dad) Lyla! (boy) Somewhere inside me, I know that they always wanted me. Where is he? Lyla! (man) How long have you been here? 11 years, 16 days. I've been counting. The music, I thought if I could play it, they would know I was alive - and find me. (other boy) We're never going to see your parents again. (boy) If they don't find us, we'll just have to go find them. (man) What's the point of this son? She's not going to hear ya. (clerk) Can I help you? (woman) I'm trying to find my son. (clerk) Name? I don't know. (cowboy) You gotta love music - more than you love food, more than life, ...more than yourself. (girl) Remember Mozart? He was like a musical pod... (man) Prodigy. (girl) Exactly. Well I have one of those, and he's living under my bed. (man) Why is so important that you want him now? I've always wanted him. (cowboy) The number one heat wave, August Rush! (boy) It's like someone is calling out to me. Only some of us can hear it. Only some of us are listening. I know it sounds crazy, but I can hear him. I swear, I can hear him. Let me out! Let me out! This is him. You know what music is? Harmonic connection between all living beings. (boy) It's all around us, all you have to listen. [Captions by]

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