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Cisco Small Business Video-North Point Executive Suites

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North Point Executive Suites; Keeping the Network Simple We are business center, that we rent office space to small business owners and entrepreneurs, who need short term, long term, or flexible leases. Rick Onorato, owner, North Point Executive Suites; We have 5 employees, we have almost 18,000 square feet. Without the technology that we have in place here, I'm not sure that we could succeed in our marketplace. Yes, who can I ask is calling? When we're all full we probably have close to 70 different businesses in here. So everybody has their own particular needs, and having reliability for them is key. They don't have worry about, is it going to work. We have quite a few clients who were in our last facility, and they are just blown away at the technology. The solutions that we put in here at North Point, Austin Smith, Founder Digital Son (Cisco Registered Partner) really allowed us to entail everything that a business would need for connectivity, quite simplified and pretty easy. We're very happy with the solution that we've implemented here, because it's robust, it's affordable. When we put the system, we put it in with that in mind, that we can duplicate it very easily without a lot more thought or work involved to do that. We needed something that was really the start of the art right now, Gail Howell, General Manager, North Point Executive Suites to entice clients to want to come here. We've got so many individuals that have their own business, there are small companies and when they are relying on the technology and it goes down, it has an impact on their business and you can't just say "sorry the Internet is down". You can't do that,they don't accept that. So reliability, speed, you have to have it. The Cisco small business solution really should be used in the small business arena. Just for the simple fact that it's affordable it's reliable, and it provides the robust feature set that a business needs. We're happy with the Cisco small business solution, it seems to be more than adequate for what we need. This technology makes my life much better. So everybody is happy because the technology is working. You are just going to be in love with it, I mean it's just going to be everything and more than you could hope for. To learn more:

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Posted by: zad on Dec 4, 2008

Cisco Small Business video

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