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Just Follow the Directions (CC)

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[Children's Message] Good Morning, Everybody. [Sunday, March 4, 2012 Zion Lutheran, Torrance, CA] How is everybody today? [Inaudible] Well that is very good to hear. And we have a new friend with us this morning. Her name's Sophia. This is Sophia, Sophia this is ... Jamie is right there behind you. And this is Brendon. I had to make sure I was right. This is Vivian. This is Jenna. This is Elizabeth, and that's William. And it's nice to have you with us this morning. Every Sunday morning, we look in The Purple Bag. And this is our Purple Bag because in The Purple Bag there's something that's going to help us remember what we're gonna talk about today. So who would like to look in The Purple Bag this morning? Let's let William. Let's let William. [William takes The Purple Bag] [William takes The Purple Bag] It's peanut butter cookie mix. Do any of you guys like peanut butter cookies? You, Viv? William, do you know how to make peanut butter cookies? Well, how do we make peanut butter cookies? You follow the directions! So what do we need to make peanut butter cookies? Okay! Water's pretty good. Yeah. Do you like vegetable oil? No ... no. Maybe we could put ketchup in instead. Anybody like ketchup? No? What would you rather put in other than ketchup? Ranch dressing? Okay. We're gonna put in Ranch dressing instead. Okay. An egg. Oh ... Anybody like an egg? How about chicken? Okay. Yes, it comes from a chicken. We'll put chicken in instead? A whole chicken. instead? A whole chicken. So how are our peanut butter cookies gonna taste? With water, Ranch dressing, and a whole chicken in it? They're gonna be weird, aren't they? They're probably NOT going to be peanut butter cookies, aren't they? NO! Because if we want peanut butter cookies, we have to follow what it says to do. We have to follow all of these ingredients, and do exactly what it says, or they're not going to be good. And the same thing is true when we think of our life of faith. Jesus has told us many things that He would like us to do and many things that He would like us NOT to do. He told us that in the 10 Commandments. That's important for us to know them and to learn them so we know what God wants us to do and what God doesn't want us to do in our life. And if we follow God we're going to do what He wants. We're gonna follow the directions. Because that's what Jesus has said for us. And that isn't always easy, but God is with us all the time. Remember He saved us from our sins. He's made us His own children and He's always going to be with us. So just as if we want good peanut butter cookies, we're gonna follow the recipe. When we want to live our life, we're going to follow Jesus' directions and that's what we're gonna talk about today. Does anybody have any questions about following Jesus? Yes, Viv. questions about following Jesus? Yes, Viv. You want these peanut butter cookies? [Yes] Here's ... here's what Pastor will ... here's what Pastor will tell you: Pastor will make these for Wednesday night church and then you can come to soup-supper and have peanut butter cookies. Then everybody can share. We can share with everybody. Is that a good idea? Okay. Let's do that instead. All right? Um ... good! All right. So you guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in our Hymn-of-the-day: Hymn 465.

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The Purple Bag contents today help the children see why we need to follow Jesus' directions in our life of faith. To contact Pastor Dave:

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