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Fadi Chehadé Explains the Decision to Attend the WCIT Opening Ceremony in Dubai | 28 Nov 2012

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Fadi, you've been invited to the opening ceremonies of the World Conference on International Telecommunications. What we call WCIT in Dubai. What do you hope to accomplish there?

Well, first of all, let me be clear. We have received the most gracious invitations by both, the ITU and the Government of the United Arab Emirates, and we are responding in kind by attending the opening ceremony of the WCIT.

Our mission there is clear, it's a time to engage. And in this new season of engagement, this new season of cooperation, we and the other organizations, the ISOC, the IETF, W3C and the registries, we join them in being there to engage with the community that needs to hear from us and understand the role we've played in building Internet governance in a multi-stakeholder environment.

You'll be arriving several days before the opening ceremony. Why?

Because we believe it's very important to engage with the attendees of the WCIT and with many members of our own community. So, for the two days prior to the WCIT I will be in many bilaterals and many trilaterals, with many delegates, as well as other members of our community that are attending the WCIT. This is to ensure we are all of one mind, of one focus, to ensure that we're serving this community in the best possible way.

This is a first. ICANN has never before received any invitation to attend. Why now?

Now because of two reasons. Firstly, Dr. Hamadoun Touré, the Secretary General of the ITU, and I met at the IGF in Baku recently. As a result of this meeting, we have agreed to a new season of cooperation, a new season of understanding. So, to avoid the public wars that have been going between our organizations, we agreed to start engaging. It doesn't mean we'll agree on everything, but we will engage and we will bring our communities to understand our respective laws.

Fadi, let's talk about that. It has been said repeatedly that there is a war between ICANN and the ITU for control of the Internet.

This is simply untrue. There is no war between the ITU and ICANN. There may be confusion by some members of the community that believe that our roles may be confused, but our roles are clearly separate and well defined. Our leadership role is to bring clarity to these roles and that's why I will be at the opening ceremony and engaging with many of the good members of the ITU.

Thank you and good luck.

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Fadi Chehadé Explains the Decision to Attend the WCIT Opening Ceremony in Dubai | 28 Nov 2012

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