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Life RX- Behind the Scenes

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We're here, just outside of Rome, in Italy. Finishing off the ad for the new Lexus RX. The ad has been shooting all summer, in the South of France. These are, I think, the last few pieces which is sort of tops and tails of the story. I play the owner of the car who arrives at a hotel. His keys are handed over to a valet who then uses the car or takes the car on a sort of lifestyle changing journey. I saw the concept in storyboard and one of the keys to the story is the interaction between the other characters and the main character, who is really you, the viewer, but to shoot that, they've created this almost helmet cam if you like. It's like talking to a person but obviously the person is a camera so you get the hands of the person in shot but anything we do is directly into he lens and therefore feels like the viewer is in the commercial with you. Here what we're trying to do is in effect give people a sense of what we mean by the Life RX, which is the lifestyle that the RX represents. Today's been a bit of a juggle. We've had TV crew and a stills shoot going on at the same time often on top of each other. There's pictures that definitely favour the car and so we worked to what we know is the best angle on the car and then we put Jude into those settings, and then other times its just about taking great candid pictures of Jude and the cars in the background and there obviously the attention is on the moment and the human element. It's like being allowed into a slice of life that you maybe otherwise wouldn't be. Or peeking into a world of excitement, thrills and glamour that perhaps you otherwise wouldn't have access to.

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Life RX- Behind the Scenes

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