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New Energy Experience - with Adamus Saint-Germain

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i would like you to please feel earth cosmic crystal lake and core energy 0:14 just feel that if you don't even have to associate them right now you don't have 0:18 to decide what you're going to do they are sheer ever get the lights down 0:22 but a farm 0:24 a little makes 0:27 aspects cosmic music 0:33 through the breeders of energy 0:38 did it partly because of a insatiable appetite 0:42 for yourself 0:43 let yourself go broke 0:46 breakdown of the body 0:48 whatever else 0:51 so it made you 0:53 craves energy 0:57 we don't want that energy 1:03 in doing so 1:06 blow open yourself up 1:07 mccartney dork 1:09 like a full so much 1:11 opens you up to 1:16 called my discussions about energy and 1:22 operation went up 1:23 him bring yourself down your needs 1:26 probably would have never been here 1:28 you've been satisfied with just enough 1:34 he brought yourself to this place of saying 1:36 what his energy 1:40 how do i get just a little bit 1:44 my friends which are really doing 1:47 we're bringing in europe opening 1:50 fifty eight minutes 1:52 for energy 1:54 come to this earth and to be used 1:57 and to be applied 1:59 creatively 2:06 to bring herself 2:09 way lets plan it hasn't seen it 2:16 it's a upenn out in the desert starving 2:23 list on the verge of 2:25 instruction 2:26 termination 2:29 that energy but 2:32 has been 2:33 needed a drink of water food 2:36 let yourself go dry 2:41 that you could houses such a passion 2:44 such and understanding 2:48 of energy 2:52 dot lights energy needs back in the world of the blind 3:00 energy needs 3:02 energy 3:03 fulfilment 3:05 in the world of the aware 3:09 whose needs are quite a bit different 3:11 desires are different 3:14 back in the old world 3:23 you started opening your eyes 3:25 started 3:27 your awareness 3:31 started changing 3:36 guess she still try to go back to 3:39 bursts energies 3:40 gents energies 3:45 just did 3:46 didn't fill you up wasn't there 3:51 you're doing something wrong 3:55 just kidding yourself such design 3:59 open up 4:01 these new energy 4:06 finally back in the residents of your i hang out 4:12 view larger self to get energy 4:15 depraved into private 4:19 but you could come to the place the time 4:24 appreciation 4:26 true understanding of energy 4:30 under a time when 4:32 sitting here today 4:34 you know you'll never abuse it 4:36 attitude even try 4:39 you know you'd never abuse 4:42 you know that's for you 4:44 chores 4:47 after you feed the world 4:50 just for you 4:52 which also no 4:54 this other start opened their eyes 5:00 work with energy your personal interaction that someday they can also your here as bring hers house energy into motion creativity into expression levels have always been there a few if any humans has tougher access orchard issued this next part very carefully your masters of your breakers of energy what you hear this very carefully this issue team before you became the masters the few came before e had to take into consideration use of the energy but you do what's different about you and the masters of the past

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Posted by: carmenrivalet on May 21, 2013

New Energy Experience - from the Shoud of May 4,2013

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