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Captioned Sermon (National Community Church - The Talking Donkey)

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Aren’t you glad you came to church this weekend! We're committed to teaching you things you don't need to know but make life far more interesting. Welcome to everybody at all five of our locations, Capitol Hill, Columbia Heights, Georgetown, Arlington and Alexandria. We are thrilled that you are here. If you are a guest, a special welcome to you. We have a special guest at our Ebenezers location, a guest greeter on the way in and the way out this weekend. He wasn’t able to be at all of our locations, but we at least wanted to allow him to say “Hello.” Whats up ! That wasn't a jump, it was a slow move backwards! I am not nervous at all. This is Cheech, everybody say hi to Cheech. Cheech is actually a professional donkey! Did you know there was such a thing? I think he has been on the stage at the Kennedy Center. We wanted to allow Cheech to say hello because today we are talking about one of his ancient ancestors, Balaam's Donkey. Ok, say goodbye to Cheech. I don’t think you are going to hear a word I have to say if he doesn’t leave. I’m excited about continuing our “Miracle’ series. We will get to Balaam’s Donkey in just a moment. We kicked off this series last weekend. My mentor, our good friend Dr. Dick Foth, shared about the manna miracle, and because of that, I can’t not share this story. After Easter, our family was a little wiped out and our kids had spring break and we have a friend who has a house at Lake Anna, about 90 minutes south in the heart of Virginia, so we spent the week at Lake Anna. It was like summer in April. Remember that? It was so hot, we wanted to get out on the lake but the problem is the marinas weren’t open yet because it was still spring time. I wanted to go tubing or something, so, long story short, I sat down at my computer and I’m Googling marinas at Lake Anna when the doorbell rings. Its simultaneous. It is an older gentleman at the door, probably about 70 years old; he doesn’t look like a serial killer, so I invite him in. He says that he is a neighbor and he has walked by this house hundreds of times and has always wanted to see this house. I didn’t think the owners would care so I invited him in and showed him around the house. Come to find out, he works for Youth for Christ. So I told him that I’m a pastor in D.C. and the next thing you know, he says, “Hey, do you want to use my pontoon boat this week?” That’s what I’m talking about! So we go over to his house and there is a book on his table and it’s written by someone you would know, a former Senator, former Cabinet Member and I said this guy used to attend our church, when he was in the Senate, and he said, “No way!” He said, “I know his good friend Dick Foth!” I’m like, “Dick Foth is preaching at our church this weekend!” You’ve heard of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon? This is the five degrees of Dick Foth! It was the most amazing thing. So we used his pontoon boat all week, and afterwards, I’m thinking, ‘Is that coincidence or is that Providence?’ I just think that there are miracles all around us all the time. These little things and it’s the heavenly Father who is ordering our footsteps. Proverbs 16:9. And we just take these things for granted or don’t notice them, but I just think that there are providences waiting to happen. You can call it a mini miracle. I couldn’t not share that in light of Dick Foth sharing last week. So, if you are friends with Dick Foth, it will come back to bless you! Turn over to Numbers 22 and let’s do this thing. Let me give you a little bit of back-story. Israel is wandering through the wilderness. They are camped on the plains of Moab and Balak. The king of Moab is afraid of them because the Israelites have just defeated the Amorites. So the Israelites got some ancient mojo going on, and the neighboring countries are a little bit fearful, like who is this new country coming into town. So the next thing you know, Balak is sending for a prophet named Balaam to curse the people of Israel. This is a very interesting battle plan to me, because I’m thinking why don’t you use your extra cash to hire some mercenaries? But superstitions run high in this culture in this time. So he sends his delegation to go get Balaam with a divination fee to come and curse the people of Israel. And that’s where we pick up the story in Numbers 22, verse 18. And Balaam answered and said unto the servants of Balak (the delgation with the divination fee to say come and curse Isreal) says, If Balak would give me his house full of silver and gold, (I'm guessing it was a big house) I cannot go beyond the word of the LORD my God, to do less or more. I’ve got to stop right here because this is a sermon within a sermon. This is quite a statement. He says, ‘I cannot go beyond the Word of the Lord my God to do less or more.’ His confidence is anchored in the Word of the Lord. I think we’ve got to be very careful. Our confidence is not in our ability, is it? Our confidence is not in our circumstances, our confidence is anchored in one place and that is the Word of God. We are reading through the Bible together, called From Garden to City. Go to you can find the reading plan. One of my favorite verses so far, I’m memorizing a few verse along the way, one of them is Jeremiah 1:12. And it says, "The Lord says, 'I am watching over my Word to perform it.'” And I read that and that got in my spirit. And I'm walking around with some holy confidence these days. And I'll tell you why... because God's watching over His Word and He is going to perform it. His Word does not return void. So that is why it is so important that we are reading through the Word because we need to claim these promises. Like, we need something to stand over. We need to know what the Lord is watching over. Some of us have no idea what he is performing or watching because we aren’t reading the Word. And we’ve got to be reading the Word. It gets in our spirit and then we begin to claim these promises and we begin to live by faith. And we begin to see God move in miraculous ways. I kind of think of it like this, just bear with me. You probably need a mental picture, but for what it's worth, I think the promises in the Bible give us a place to stand on, okay. And so, we're at Lake Anna, right, a couple of weeks ago. And it was kinda cool, in the middle of this part of the lake, there was the coolest and smallest island I have ever seen. I kid you not, it was one tree, and how it was a tree was just bizarre to me. You can see this on Google Maps, and it's so wierd. Cause I looked at it and there's just this one little tree on an island that’s like four feet wide, you know. And it was just sitting out there and it was begging us to swim out to it! You know what I'm sayin? And so Summer and I are training for our Escape From Alcatraz that we are doing in June. I'm like, you know, let's get in our wet suits, let's swim out there And so we're swimming out there and, you know, I'm keeping it real. We didn't make it the whole way, okay. So we got on the tube and got, you know, kinda carried over closer. And then I get off and I'm swimming to the island You ever had that feeling where, all of a sudden, "Wait, I'm not swimming there's something underneath my feet," you know. And it got real shallow. You're right in the middle of the lake so it feels so weird. So, I'm saying, "Josiah, come on, get off the tube. Swim to dad. Come on. Come on. And, you know, he wouldn't do it cause it was really, really scary. Cause it's the middle of the lake. And I'm like, "No, seriously, come to dad." And he's like, "No, I can't do it." And then I just did one of those, swimming, swimming, and then, "Hah!" you know. Look it, I'm standing in the middle of the lake. Isn't your dad amazing! And it was just kind of one of those, "Hah!" And so, he was like "Ohhh!" you know. And he jumps off and he's swimming and then he stands up. And it was just... and I now forever have a picture in my head whenever I think of the promises of God. I'm gonna think of that little tree in the middle of Lake Anna. Because here's what life is. You're swimming, swimming, swimming...And then you come to a promise in God's Word. And it gives you a place to stand! Doesn't it? It gives you something to stand on. And so that's why we need to be reading the Word. And so, Balaam, what he's getting at is, "Listen, we stand on the Word of God." Nothing less. Nothing more. Nothing else. We stand, our confidence, the reason why we're believing God for a miracle is not because of something we can do. It's because we're standing on His Word. We're standing on His Word. All right. Man, I usually don't get this excited this soon in the message. Hang with me. Verse 20. ...but do only what I tell you." And it's kind of a curious command, and so let me kinda put this in context. Balaam had asked God earlier in the chapter if he could go with this delegation. You know, I think he's thinking, like "Oh man, this is my big break! God, you know I've been a prophet for free for a long time. Lord, you know, the lottery - it's my number! And a house full of gold and silver. Here we go!" And he wants to go back. And the Lord says, "No." and Balaam asks again. Like can I go with them? According to Jewish tradition, and this is going to be significant, Balaam’s desire to go indicated his eagerness to curse Israel and to make some cash. So that is the story behind the story. That’s the Jewish understanding of what is going on here. So it’s not that he is going with him, it’s his attitude that he has as he goes. That sets the table for what happens next. Verse 21 So the next morning Ballam got up, saddled his donkey, and started off with the Moabite Officials. But God was angry that Balaam was going, [and this is interesting because God has just said he could go, but I think it’s that attitude thing going on] so he sent the angel of the Lord to stand in the road to block his way. As Balaam and two servants were riding along, Balaam's donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing in the road with a drawn sword in his hand. The donkey bolted off the road (like Cheech did on the stage a few moments ago) Bolted into a field, but Balaam beat it and turned it back onto the road. Then the angel of the Lord stood at a place where the road narrowed between two vineyard walls. When the donkey saw the angel of the Lord, it tried to squeeze by and crushed Balaam's foot against the wall. So Balaam beat the donkey agian. Then the angel of the Lord moved farther down the road and stood in a place too narrow for the donkey to get by at all. This time when the donkey saw the angel, it lay down under Balaam. In a fit of rage Balaam beat the animal again with his staff. (This is like ancient road rage.) (Laughter from the audience) Verse 28: Then the Lord gave the donkey the ability to speak. "What have I done to you that deserves your beating me three times?" it asked Balaam. Let me hit the pause button here because this is just way too good. You’ve got to give Balaam the benefit of the doubt here. I’ve never had one of my pets talk to me and I’m not sure how I would respond. But part of what I love about this is that we know this donkey is a she, so we’ll call her Jenny, is that ok? So, I’m hearing one of those GPS ladies with the British accent, ya know what I'm talking about? I'm hearing this sophisticated kinda of British accent; just to assentuate how absurd this is. So Balaam’s donkey talks and in verse 29, Balaam responds (like I don't really know what I would say.) "You have made a fool of me! If I had a sword in my hand, I would kill you right now." Ok Dude! You’ve got a talking donkey on your hands! You do not want to kill a talking donkey! You don’t need Balak’s money anymore! You’ve got a traveling carnival, a gig in Vegas, you are going to retire early! You are going to have long walk and have long talks with Jenny at this point. This makes no financial sense. You do not want to kill the talking donkey. I love the donkey’s response. It is do logical. The donkey is the rational one here. 30 The donkey said to Balaam, "Am I not your own donkey, which you have always ridden, to this day? Have I been in the habit of doing this to you?" I don’t know Balaam but I think he’s pouting, like. ‘I know you’re right, I’m just going to have to admit it,’ but he says, “No.” Like, he couldn’t come up with a better answer. I love so many things about this, but part of what I love is this Balaam is the most respected prophet in this part of the ancient world and he is dumber than a donkey. Does that encourage anybody else? Can I suggest this weekend that many of us get as ticked off as Balaam because we can’t seem to get where we want to go, and all the while, it is God who is getting in the way. The miracle in this story is not just the talking donkey, the miracle in this story is a God who gets in the way because He loves us enough. It is not about where we are going, it is about who we are becoming. The miracle is about God doing a work in us and God uses these circumstances and that’s going to make a lot of sense in a few minutes. Sometimes God stops us, diverts us, reroutes us and we get so frustrated. Like, all the people who are trying to fly across the Atlantic this weekend and are so frustrated because of the volcanic ash and because you can’t fly in it. It’s a major inconvenience but there’s a good chance you would crash and get killed, but we get so frustrated by that inconvenience. I think what we have in this story is something that if we can get a handle on this, we are going to begin to get a handle on the way God works in our lives and it is going to set you free to experience a lot more joy even in those circumstances that are sometimes so frustrating. Sometimes miracles come in strange packages, don’t they? They come disguised. I call this the braying miracle, if you will. The miracle is that God gets in the way. Many years ago, when National Community Church was just getting off the ground, the church office was in our home and we had a spare bedroom, then Summer, our second child was born and that office became an office by day and her bedroom by night. So we literally had a port-a-crib and we’d set it up at night and she would sleep in there. I’d disconnect the phone so it wouldn’t wake her. Then in the morning, I’d pack up the port-a-crib and go to work. It got so old, so fast, it was no place to get things done. So we began looking for our first office. We got a realtor and started searching and we found a place on the 400 block of F Street. It was two blocks from where we lived. It was convenient; we had just started meeting at Union Station; it was perfect. It was new and clean, so we put in an offer but we found out that someone had put in an offer the night before. I remember feeling, ‘Oh no, how could we let this one get away!’ But we went back to work and kept looking. Then we found a place in the 600 block of 3rd Street, literally two blocks from Union Station. So I was like, ‘Oh, I see, You want to get us two blocks closer!’ I was a great set up; I felt really good about it. One morning, we put in an offer and I promise you, it was the night before that someone had put in an offer! Here we go again! I’m double frustrated because it feels like God getting in the way. It feels like the donkey is laying down in the middle of the road. In the midst of that frustration, a few weeks later, I’m walking home from Union Station and I walk in front of 205 F Street NE, and I can’t explain it but it was the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit who dropped a name into my mind. It was the owner, who I had met a year before. I’m not great with names so I felt prompted to call him. There was no For Sale sign, no indication whatsoever that it was available or could be potential office space. I remember I went home and it took all the faith I could muster to flip through the Yellow Pages and find Robert Thomas in there, and there were a bunch of them. I was like, I don't even know which one, I'm not even sure if its his name. I dialed a number and someone picked up and I said, “This is Mark Batterson, I don’t think you will remember me, we met about a year ago,” and he interrupted me and said, “I was just thinking about you. I’m thinking about selling 205 F Street and I just wondered if you might be interested.” Now I played it cool for negotiating reasons, (Laughter from Audience) but my heart was leaping inside! I was like, “Yes! This is why the donkey laid down two times!” We got that place, I think it assessed not long ago for over $800,000, we got it for $290,000. But it gets even better. We didn’t have the money to buy it back then, so we leased it for a year and all of that lease money went toward the down payment. So we actually bought it for $225,000. That’s a miracle. But it gets better. If we had bought in the 400 block of F or the 600 block of 3rd, we wouldn’t be at 205, which was right next to 201 F Street, which is the address of Ebenezers Coffeehouse. I promise you it was God’s orchestrating. He got in the way twice so that we could get to the right place and so that we could have a place where, for years, we would lay hands on the walls and say, ‘Give us 201 F Street, Lord, we believe You and we envision that coffeehouse, a place where church and community can cross paths, a place where we can serve our community and rub shoulders with our neighbors and see them come into relationship with Christ.’ Just last weekend, a woman came in and met Dick Foth, and Dick, relaying this story to me, she hadn’t been to church in years, started reading the Bible and wondering where she could go to learn more about it. Dick said, “How did you find Ebenezers?” And she said, “I like coffee and I noticed that a church meets there.” Next thing you know, she is at our service last weekend. Miracles lead to miracles which lead to miracles, but here’s what I want you to see. Four people offered more money for 201 F Street, we got it. The rezoning, you name it, so many miracles along the way. Do you see what I’m saying? The first miracle was God getting in the way. It’s the miracle we don’t want; it’s the miracle that actually frustrates us, but in the grace of God, sometimes God has to get in the way to show us the way. And, if you are patient enough and tuned in enough to the Holy Spirit, you do this thing with the donkey’s ears, listening to that still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. You know what? That was very impromtu, but I thought effective, but very little reaction. And disappointed me so I'm going to mention it to ya. Where was I? Oh boy, this one of those moments you forget what you were talking about. Let me tell you what the Lord is doing in my spirit these days. Revelation 3:8-9 has always been one of my favorite trees in Lake Anna. It has always been one of my favorite promises, a place where I stand. It says that Jesus holds the keys of David and what He shuts, no one can open and what He opens, no one can shut. And then it says, See, I have placed before you an open door. And I’m always praying for open doors because I believe God to open doors that I cannot. It’s one of the most wonderful things about being a Christ follower. He is going to take you places you can’t go by yourself. Why? Because He has access to them. I was meeting with someone from the FBI this week and I was talking to them about different access passes and levels. I’m fascinated by that and I think it’s really cool. Most of us just wear the FBI t-shirts, but some people actually work there. There are different levels of access, and I think what that passage is getting at is there is nowhere He can’t go. Why? Becuase he has the authority to do it. But here is what the Lord is doing in my spirit: you can’t pray for an open door if you aren’t willing to allow God to close a door. We are disingenuous. We pray for these open doors and then we get so frustrated and upset at God when He closes a door. What I’m saying is, sometimes the miracle is God closing the door. The 400 block of F st. or 600 block of 3rd St. Sometimes that’s the miracle so that then God can open the right door. It’s those closed doors that often set us up. Let me make it personal. I think when you read the Bible, you try to put yourself in the shoes of the people you are reading about, yes? But it is far more difficult to put yourself in the hooves of the people you are reading about, because they aren’t people, and it’s real hard to get into the head of a donkey. Yet, I think, in this story, it is so fascinating to me because the donkey is really the example for us, and I think what I want to say right here is, “Be the donkey!” Be the donkey. What I mean by that is that sometimes you need someone to be the donkey in your life that keeps you from going where that person knows you should not go. I’d love to use the KJV here, but I’m going to stick with donkey. Be the donkey. Be the stubborn donkey in someone else’s life. Why does the donkey lay down? This is what’s so crazy, because the donkey sees a spiritual reality that Balaam, the great prophet, does not see. Is it not true that we can be blind to some of the most obvious things in our lives and what we need to someone, a dumb donkey or whoever, to get in the way and to help us wake up to reality. Here’s the deal, we don’t like donkeys that lay down, do we? If you have the courage and you step into the role of prophetic in someone’s life and say, ‘I’m genuinely concerned about where this path is taking you,’ I promise you this, they will probably get as ticked off with you as Balaam got with his donkey. But if you hang in there, that donkey saved Balaam’s life. At the end of the day, I think Balaam appreciated his donkey even more. Well, wouldn’t you! Be the donkey! Here’s where you need to be spirit led, because I can’t really prescribe this. I think sometimes you need to speak love and truth, write a poem or whatever, but sometimes you need to bray like a donkey. Sometimes you need to get in the way because you love someone that much. Don’t go there. You do not want to do this. I love you too much to not get in the way. At the heart of this story is the simple fact that God can use anyone for anything. And if God can use a dumb donkey, He can use you. Turn to your neighbor and say, ‘If God can use a dumb donkey, He can use you.’ Go ahead. That was a compliment, I promise you. What are you talking about now? It doesn’t take that long to say that! Be the donkey. What I’m saying is be the miracle in someone else’s life. Last weekend, because I had the weekend off and wasn’t preaching, our family decided to go out to our Kingstowne location. Can we give up for Kingstowne location ! At the end of the service, Pastor Chris, our Campus Pastor there, felt led to give an opportunity for people to come forward for prayer, who felt like they needed a miracle in their lives. So, we went forward to pray for people. I was there so I went forward to pray for people. Music started playing and no one came forward. I’ve been there in those situations so many times. It’s awkward and tough for that first person to walk down and tough for us up there waiting for someone to pray for. Then about two minutes into the song, someone came and then others came forward. And everybody was praying for somebody. A woman named Renee, who attends our Kingstowne location, happened to come to me and I asked her what miracle we could pray for, and she said, “I have a missions organization and we are trying to open an orphanage in the Congo for 60 kids and we pay cash because of that scenario and we need $15,000 to get that orphanage open.” I’m thinking this could be the easiest prayer I’ve prayed! God loves the orphans and He wants to care for those 60 kids. So I start to pray but I feel a little convicted as I'm praying. Here’s the back-story: years and years ago, I had a defining moment. A campus pastor over at Georgetown, I think he was working with Intervarsity, he was a part of my small group at NCC and I remember one time he said, Our campus ministry needs a computer,’ and I’m like, ‘well, let’s pray.’ And I’m praying for a computer for him and the Lord stops me mid-prayer in that convicting voice of the Holy Spirit and said, ‘Why are you asking me?’ Because I’m the one who had an extra computer in my home. Isn’t it amazing! We do not connect the dots. So I stop praying mid-prayer. I said I don’t need to pray about this. If you need a computer, we have one, it is yours. Done. God was like, ‘Ok, Mark, I appreciate you praying for this, but why don’t you do something about it?’ So, in a very impromptu fashion, at the end of that service, we ended that service at Kingstowne last week saying, ‘Hey, we don’t often take two offerings, but there is a need and we can be a miracle for these 60 kids, so on the way out, if you feel like God is prompting you to do this, then give and let’s be a part of this miracle.’ Last weekend, just in that one time, more than $5,500! More than a third of the way there and I’m working on a grant that I think we get us half the way there. I’m believing that God is going to supply all of that need so that that orphanage in the Congo can open. Then the story gets even better. I’m sharing this in our staff meeting on Tuesday and Pastor Chris, those at Kingstowne know this and our staff know this, he’s kind of like the weeping prophet, he cries more than anybody else because he has a heart of gold and his heart breaks for the things that break the heart of God, and I love that about Chris. So he is practically balling and I’m losing it, and then later on that day, he said he feels like the Holy Spirit is prompting him that we need to take a missions trip to the Congo and we need to be part of helping build that village and be part of that miracle. Then, I email Renee and she is overwhelmed. All she asked for was prayer, then the miracle starts to happen, then someone out of our spiritual family comes up to Renee and offers to help do her newsletter and those of you who have any experience with missions know that newsletters are the lifeline, so someone is going to help with that. She was also praying for someone with some accounting abilities to help, and it was so exciting to realize that we are not going to talk about miracles, we are going to do something about it! We’re not going to talk about it, not when we have opportunities to step out and be a part of it. Part of the reason why church is boring for so many people is because some just listen and then don’t do anything with it. But if we would start to act on it, it would start to get exciting. Let me share what the Lord has put on my heart. I think it was a word of wisdom. I think it’s one of the nine spiritual gifts in I Corinthians. At the end of that service, what I felt like the Lord impressed upon me to share with our Kingstowne location that I want to share with our entire church this weekend was simply this – sometimes we are so focused on the miracle that we need from God that we totally ignore the miracles that we could be a part of around us and because of that, we forfeit our own miracles. If we would focus on how we could be part of someone else’s miracle, I promise you God would begin to move in miraculous ways and great things would begin to happen. I’m not talking about ulterior motives. No deals on the side. God doesn’t respond to that. This series is way beyond the selfish miracles that we want to fulfill our wants, not our needs. This series is all about bringing glory to our heavenly Father and to his Son, Jesus Christ. And that happens when we step out in faith and we are part of someone else’s miracle. That is what God wants for us. One more thing; I want to push us here. I believe we don’t experience the miraculous because we stay in our own comfort zone. We are afraid of going someplace that is embarrassing or doing something that’s out of the ordinary, and because of that, we don’t give God room to work in our life. You know what was so neat about last weekend is that after the service, I was greeting people on the way out and Renee was walking out and she was still overwhelmed by what happened, and she said to me, “Pastor Mark, you have no idea how hard it was for me to walk forward.” I told her I knew exactly what she was talking about because I grew up in a church tradition where you go to the altar and I almost never went when it wasn’t awkward because you feel like everybody is thinking, ‘what is his deep dark secret sin?’ And because you are putting yourself in a place where you are needy, you can’t do it, we hate that because we are control freaks. But I want to tell you something, this series is less about God doing miracles and more about let’s put ourselves in positions where God can do miracles. I want to tell you that putting yourself in an awkward position is sometimes putting yourself in a miraculous position. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and you have to put yourself in a place where you feel really awkward. There have been times where I’ve been afraid to pray for things, to pray for miracles because I feel like I will be embarrassed if God doesn’t answer. How many of you have been there? Almost all of us. That is the enemy trying to keep us at bay. But if we would have the courage to put ourselves in that place, God would do some amazing things. Alright, I need to come in for a landing. Verse 35. 35 The angel of the LORD said to Balaam ... This story has like 17 dimensions and we are talking about 3 of them, so it’s killing me, but you are reading the Bible and the Lord is revealing stuff to you, right? So you’ll get those other dimensions. Let me end with verse 35. 35 The angel of the LORD said to Balaam, "Go with the men, but speak only what I tell you." This is where it’s interesting to me. He is like, ‘I’m going to kill you for going, but you can go.’ You know its just, "huh, what's going on?" How many of you think that as Balaam, after this encounter with the angel of the Lord, that Balaam went with Balak’s emissaries with the same spirit or attitude or in the same way? There ain't no way! Not after he had a conversation with the talking donkey! Here’s what I’m trying to say. When Balaam went, it wasn’t about the talking donkey, it was about the change that took place in his heart. It was about what God was doing inside of Balaam. I want to end on this thought. God is far less concerned with where we are going than who we are becoming. It is not about getting to where God wants us to go, it is about becoming the person that He wants us to be when we get there. That was the miracle. If we will become the people who are sensitive to his Holy Spirit, that when He says stop, we stop and when He says go, we go. And when we try to make sure we are going to do this with the right spirit and keep our attitude in check, keep it for his glory, not about me cursing Israel to get some cash from Balak, but it’s really about, not going beyond his Word, nothing more, nothing less. When we put ourselves in that kind of place, we put ourselves in a place where God can do the miraculous in us and through us! Amen! Let us pray. Father, Thank You. God I pray that your Word would take root in our hearts and in our lives and that it would grow faith within us to believe You for bigger things, for better things; to believe You to do the impossible things; the things we are not capable of. Lord, I know that there are a lot of people who need a miracle in their life. Lord, I’m so excited because we are even now beginning to hear stories of miracles that You are doing at our five locations and in our small groups and in people’s lives. Lord it is so exciting to be in an environment where we are believing You to do what we can’t possibly do so that You would bring more glory to yourself. I’m excited to hear the stories that surface over these weeks as we seek You. Lord I pray that this week, if there is someone we need to be a donkey in their life, that we need to get in the way and speak into their life, God I pray that we would have the courage to do it. Lord I pray that You would help us to put ourselves in that position, and maybe by us being part of someone else’s miracle. God maybe this week its about Lord, forgive me for being selfish and having a narrow vision and thinking about myself and my miracle; God open our eyes to the miracles that are around me that I can be apart of. God I pray that we would act on this message, not just listen to it, not just hear it, but we would act on it and begin to see You move miraculously in our lives and in this church, we pray it for your glory and in the authority of Jesus’ name, Amen.

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From the Series: Miracles
Speaker: Mark Batterson
Date: April 18, 2010
Run Time: 43.29

Sometimes God’s most amazing miracles are simply getting in the way of where we want to go. They feel like detours. And we get frustrated. But God uses them to not just reroute us but change us.

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