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TLE Class 1: Rav

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Ziv? I never give advice I ask questions To tell the person You expand their vessel What's wrong You expand their vessel It doesn't work It's totally useless. I know exactly what's wrong. Totally useless. Totally useless. Why? Oh he's closed, have you ever heard that expression? Oh he's closed to new ideas. No vessel, what do you mean closed? There's no vessel to receive it. A person must expand. Because if there is gonna to be an expansion of the vessel Where's the light gonna be? Don't worry about it So why do I have to give him advice? The light will give him advice. The only thing I should try And that's what we're doing here is to expand the vessel. Don't worry about the light. The light wants to come in more That you want it to come in. It wants to come in more. You think electricity is happy That it's only coming in through a 5watt bulb? There's a consciousness. You know how I know? Because it can also heat up a generator. If it didn't had intentions of Heating up a generator Then it wouldn't heat up the generator. It would only be satisfied with 5 watt. No, I know that the electricity wants to feed it's maximum capacity. It's the same way that I threat light I look at the electricity

My physical comparison, right? And I say it's the same way as the light. So the Ari says like that, The Zohar says like that And it looks that that's the way they are. So someone tells me I've got so much troubles Help me! Ah! So what do you want me to give you? What do you want me to give you? If the vessel is closed no matter what you give? The vessel is closed. So either it will be abused Either it falls like the covers on the cup... Now pour the water in. Pour the water in. Pour the water in! How can I help them? God wants to help them. I always say that. Go to God. God, you see, doesn't help everybody So I'm gonna help. Go to God! The answer is: God is the one! What do you mean? The Force is the one that fulfills. But the vessel is closed. There is no vessel, it can't be fulfilled. So the way to help people It's not by feeding them Feeding them with energy Feeding you with light On the contrary, If you really want to spend time Which it takes longer, Is to expand their vessel. You ask them questions. By asking people questions it makes them think! You ask a person a question, already What you've done has taken them out of a robotic consciousness When you ask them a question far out, That's right! They think about that. They think about that. Now what happens, if that moment, That moment The light comes in. You've started opening up the vessel. What we're talking about here, You are either robotic, Logical is robotic. Logic is robotic. Logic is not true. Logic is not true. Sometimes thought can work, can fit into logic. Oh! You know?It even sounds right! But the fact that it doesn't sound right, Doesn't make thought inacurate or false. Logic is always false if it pertains to the physical thing. Logic is always false. If it pertains to the physical things, you are doing things because that is the logical way to do it then it's robotic, logic is robotic

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Video from teachings from the Rav about TLE

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