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Juan Sebastián Montes relates conquest of Everest

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They carry their food and fuel in a straight line. The straight line similar to that of people in the American colonisation going through a way that is more than 5700 meters high to get to the base. This is a British magazine showing the cancun wall. At the east of the Everest, which is the one we would climb. He, he is the only one who had climbed the Everest through this route. Because of us, he lost part of his nose, 3 fingers, and four toes from freezing. If you believe this is only passion, no. Here you need knowledge, study and work, It is necessary to have a lot of experience to climb this kind of mountain. We were 7 chileans and 3 chepas during 2 months alone at the base of the mountain. Every day we would climb and come down the wall. You’ve seen the avalanches. When they fall in San Rafael a big avalanche. It’s been falling down from 2000 meters high and our route goes thought the middle of it. This is our first camping, we make a terrace, and on the snow we set up tents. From there we keep on climbing. The first part is of rock and Ice. The second part is at the glacier, where there are cracks, moreover a lot of powdery snow. It is hard to walk because at 8000 meters high, there’s no less than a third oxygen than what we breathe now. The temperature falls to minus 18-20 Celsius. It was very hard, but we still stayed strong. We set up all the intermediate camps and tents, all the camps. Only at the end we waited for good weather, which sometimes takes time. When we thought that we were running out of food, that we were at the end of season some of us left to the intermediate camp to wait for good weather. We only needed 3 days, 3 days for the weather. When this started to happen was mid may. We went back to the second camp at 7400 meters high There we decided who would climb to the top then we started to separate because some couldn't go on some were ill others injured with broken ribs, other’s simply couldn't go on. we became fewer people. At the end 3 people made it to the last camp. We only had two oxygen bottles there was not enough for all of us, so at the end I was left without an oxygen bottle. Later we started to share route with people who were coming through the other side they were a lot of people with a lot of equipment. Per client, per person they’d bring around 55 oxygen bottles we only had two and we were three people. These are the last steps that one can give to climb to the highest part of the walkable planet. 10 years of trying, 3 failed expeditions, 1 expedition partner death and buried at the base to this day. That day on the 15 of May 1992 we finally got to put the flag at the peak of the mountain. There you can see Rodrigo Jordan, Huidobro, and me with the most important flag at the top. These images that you will see are cinema recorded the last day when we climbed to the top the audio that you will hear now are between the second camp . . . talking to the doctor, the base camp and us, who were on the route to the peak. turn the volume up ...the important thing to remember is that you are a high altitude you need to control the maximum use of natural energy //don't understand// and you, more or less at what pace are you? Do you feel that you are going to the fullest? As to reach the maximum? How long as to reach the maximum? //don't understand// (music plays) we are going to get to the top //don't understand// Rodrigo Congratulations, congratulations, absolute total triumph. A pride //// weon! I never saw anyone reach the top of Mount Everest and you succeeded, I congratulate you weon, change.

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Juan Sebastián Montes relates conquest of Everest.

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