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Detailed leacrtue on Sufism by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi part 6/8

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Ameer Kalal made people play Kabaddi. While he was playing kabaddi, Baha-ud-din Naqashband who was a big scholar of the time reached there for Spiritual Grace (Faiz). He asked “where is Ameer Kalal”? Baha-ud-din Naqashband was replied; “He is playing Kabaddi”. Said; “Saint can’t play kabaddi, I have came here uselessly”. As he turned back to leave the earth stopped him. Afterward, the same Baha-ud-din Naqashband played kabaddi with him and became such a great saint. What was the secret in kabaddi? He made the run a lot. When the heartbeats become prominent/arouse. Then, he used to say now leave playing kabaddi and synchronize Allah-Allah with them. There is another easy method and that is stroking of Allah-Hu, Allah-Hu. Now, some people chants Allah-Hu with strokes. While some people say that they make noise. They speak correctly. If you go to home after stroking of Allah-Hu, you have gone making noise, then. It was better than that to remember Him in your heart. Even they don’t know, what is the reason to apply these strokes? When these strokes of Allah-Hu -- Allah-Hu are applied continuously for one hour, then the same position happens which happened after playing the kabaddi. The heart starts beating. Then Allah-Hu is synchronized with those heartbeats. They say that farming is half of sainthood. How is that (half of sainthood)? The bull is walking ahead and behind it he (farmer) is also walking. He is walking the whole day. The heart of the bull has started beating and his own heart has also started beating. Now, if Allah-Allah is synchronized with that beat, then it is half of sainthood. Otherwise, the way it’s (Bull) heart is beating, so is his heart beating. This was the method for it. Now, permission for this is also required. What this permission is? You offer the Tahajjad (midnight prayer) here whole night and day keep on offering prayers. Satan keeps on laughing standing at a corner. Why? Your heart is in my hands, whenever I’ll wish --- I’ll turn it and you have complain one day that “I was much used to offer Tahajjad (midnight) prayers, don't know what has happened to me now even couldn't offer the obligatory prayers (Farz)”. The Satan has turned the heart. Whenever someone starts ‘the worship of heart’ then, Satan thinks that if this Allah-Allah once will enter into his heart, he will slip away from my hands for the whole life. BaYazeed Bastami went to the jungle in his youth. When he does rest of the worship, Satan kept on seeing him but as soon as he started chantig of Allah-Hu with strokes, he (Satan) start teasing by coming near to him (BaYazeed Bastami). He (BaYazeed Bastami) was a man of sight. One day, he (BaYazeed Bastami) ran after satan having a stick in his hand that “today I would kill him". The voice came that “O’ BaYazeed it won’t be killed with sticks. It is burnt with the Light of God. You do so much zikr/commemoration that you become the Light of ‘Light’ (Noor ala Noor)”. When BaYazeed became the Light of Light, then even magicians left the city of Bastam. The Satan knows that with chanting of Allah-Allah, Allah can be written on the heart of someone. Why Khawaja Bahaddin Naqashband is called to be Naqashbandi? He made the name of Allah imprinted on the hearts of people. Quran also says that there are some such people on whose hearts ‘Allah’ Faith is get embossed. There are some people who chant Allah –Allah every time, holy Medina appears on their hearts. Since Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is not God and even not apart from God. Then wherever he is, is actually in Medina. There are some such people who always chant Allah-Allah; Khana Kaaba appears on their hearts. One day, Majjadad Alif Sani saw that Genie (jins) and angels are bowing in adoration to him He got very much worried. Has any satanic wile/illusion happened? This adoration is not allowed for human being, why they are bowing in adoration? A voice came "don't be frightened, they are not bowing in adoration for you, they are bowing to Khana Kaaba that has been settled inside you”. When Khana kaaba appeared on the heart of Rabia Basri, that Kaaba (which is in Mecca) was ordered to “go and circumambulate (tawaf) to 'This' (Kaaba which was in the heart of Rabia Basri) you were made with mud & clay by Abraham [AS] and I (Allah) made it with my own Light (Noor)”. Then, Maulana Rumi said that “the heart in which kaaba settles is better that thousands of Kaabas”. That (which is in Mecca) was made by Ibrahim [AS]. This is made by Allah by His Light/Noor. Once Kaaba is settles it’s still not complete yet; that person is called half Qalander. That is why it is said that she is half Qalander! The Kaaba was settled in her heart and the Kaaba made its circuit, too. Even then it is said that she is half Qalander. Then, who is that complete/full Qalander? was half the Qalander because she could not have the vision of God. She could only talk with God. Woman couldn’t have the vision of God. No matter how great the saint she might be, she could talk with God. Those who are complete/full Qalander they also talk with God, they have the vision of God, too. That image of God comes in their hearts, then for them it is said that “I become their tongue with which they speak, I become their hands with which they hold”. Now, the religion ‘Islam’ is like a bird. The bird has two wings. There are many people who try to fly with one wing but they can’t fly. They only offer prayers. They do everything with tongue. They kept themselves busy day and night in this. Forty, fifty, sixty, hundred years have gone they are still ‘Namazi” (persons who make prayer/salat). He is still fluttering there in the mosque but hasn’t reached above. We saw second type of people, those people who quit offering prayers, started chanting Allah-Allah with their hearts. They are in jungles. They, too, were not able to approach God. Only, they were able to approach God who also offered prayers and also kept on chanting Allah-Allah with their hearts. Only, those people approached to God. These are two wings. In present time, everyone person is in search of ‘straight path’. O’ it will be know in just in five minutes and no one will say that he has said wrong. What is the straight path? Infact you are confused for many years. What is the straight path? These Deobandees, these Mirza’ee, these Wahabi, these Sunni, these Shia All of you within ten minutes will approve my words by nodding your head that he speaks correctly. If someone here who is an infidel or a Hindu he, too, will say that he says rightly. One are those people who are outwardly also spoiled, inwardly also spoiled, neither offer prayers nor keep fast apparently; not their hearts chant Allah-Allah. May they be Sunni or Shia or Wahabi; they are not on the straight path. They are not on Straight path. You have kept these names here, we are talking of ‘straight path’. Second types of people are those who are outwardly spoiled and inwardly chanting Allah-Allah. There are such people, too, as of “Dhanka Sharif” there is no prayer and neither fasting in apparently the heart is chanting Allah-Allah but whom he beats with stick gets Grace (faiz). But if anyone imitates him becomes the heretic. If you will imitate them, you will become heretic. Thus that is also not straight path He beats with sticks even to Benazir! Can you exhibit by beating with sticks? If you will imitate him, you will become the heretic. Thus this is not a straight path, too. Third are those people who are outwardly pious but inwardly dark. Our scholars (Ulama), worshippers (abid) and the pious (zahid) apparently prayers and rosaries, everything is there; inwardly they are dark. There is nothing inside them. Allah lives in this heart. If Allah is not there, then Satan stays in it. Then, this also is not the straight path. If it would have been the straight path, then, why 72 sects would come into being? These were the people who created these (sects) these are the ‘people with beard’ who had created; these are the people who offer prayers who had created. Then if they would be on the straight path, then all should be like them. Then, what is the straight path? Outwardly should be correct and inwardly should also be correct. There should be some prayers and fasting apparently and the heart should also chants Allah-Allah. Tongue is uncontaminated and the heart is uncontaminated, too. This is the straight path! From anywhere it may be achieved.This is indeed the straight path. Presently all are Islamic countries Iran, Iraq, Pakistan all recite kalma (Moto) with their tongue. They are ‘one’ by their tongue but they are not ‘one’ from hearts.

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 10, 2010 This address was delivered by His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan).

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