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Change Your World in 52 Days - Week 4

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Nehemiah and God's people pressed through the opposition of their enemies, but their enemies did not give up easily. Sanballat and Tobiah did everything within their power to discourage, distract and discredit Nehemiah. But Nehemiah refused to allow his enemies to talk him out of the work God had given him. This week, how to remain focused and finish strong in the midst of distractions. Well, I am so glad to have all of you with us today for the final week of the series called, Change Your World in 52 Days. We are studying through the Book of Nehemiah. Today, we'll be in Nehemiah, Chapter Six. If you want to turn there and follow along, we are talking about how do you finish strong. In case you're new with us, let me give you just a little update and some of the back story in the Book of Nehemiah. The context was about the year 444 B.C., Nehemiah was a cup-bearer to King Artaxerxes of Persia. One day, Nehemiah's brother showed up to visit and Nehemiah said, 'How's it going on back in Jerusalem?' And the brother said, 'You're not going to like this, it's really bad. The walls are down, the people are vulnerable, it's embarrassing to our God and nobody can get it fixed.' And suddenly, this very ordinary person, Nehemiah, had an extraordinary burden; it moved him to tears, he started fasting and he started praying. He talked to the king and asked for permission to go, the king blessed him. Nehemiah traveled about a thousand miles, and after the walls had been down for some 140 years, he took the people of Jerusalem and said, 'I believe that God can use us to rebuild the walls.' And he started this project and God used him to do what everybody else thought was completely impossible. Now let me tell you, this week things are going to get a little weird, okay? It's kind of going to be a little soap opera twist, a little murder plot, there's kind of going to be a little Jerry Springer action in this week! So, I just want you to be prepared, because if there's music playing, you're going to here the dun, dun, dun, dun part! Okay, so that's what's coming. Here's where we are, Nehemiah 6:1, this is what the Bible says: When word came to Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem the Arab... Now, for all of the new people, are these good guys or bad guys? Help me out, these are the bad guys! Okay, these are the enemies. When news came to them: ...and the rest of our enemies that I had rebuilt the wall and not a gap was left in it... We are going to see, Nehemiah had built the walls but there was still one thing left. He says: ...though up to that time I had not set the doors in the gates. He was almost finished, but not quite. And we are going to learn this spiritual principle. If you're taking notes today write this down: The closer you get to doing what God wants done, the harder your enemy will fight to stop you. The closer you get to doing what God wants done, the harder your enemy will fight to stop you. How many of you at all of our churches, you've ever encountered that? You're doing something and then you face opposition? How many of you would say, I've been there! Remember last week, we learned that you don't face opposition for doing something wrong, you face spiritual opposition when you do something right. Exactly! For some of you, in this series God has been moving you towards something and you're about to accomplish it and then there's resistance. It could be you've finally decided, We need to be in a LifeGroup, we need that spiritual nourishment and fellowship. And so you decided, We're going this week! And then on the way there, you're kid vomits all over you and you don't quite make it. You're almost there and then you face some sort of opposition. Or you decide, We're going to have a spiritual marriage. We've been married for an x-number of years and Christ isn't the center of our marriage; so baby, we're going to have a spiritual marriage and we're going to church! And then, someone's late and someone's rude and on the way to church all hell breaks loose and you get in a fight! Now, not you, that's never happened to you, but in other churches it happens all of the time! I've heard about it! Which is exactly why Amy and I always drive separate cars to church! Because I hate to preach when she's mad and right, because she's almost always right! Or you're losing weight man, and you know, your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and you're going to honor God and you're like down to the final ten pounds, you've lost all of this weight! The final ten pounds and you go to the store and there's a sale on Twinkies! It's buy one box get 22 boxes free! And you're like, I've just got to do this! You're almost there...and we find out the closer you get to doing what God wants done the harder your spiritual enemy will fight against you. And so, today we're going to look at two of the enemy's strategies to take you off of the wall and to stop you from doing what God wants you to do. The first one if you're taking notes is this, we see it from the story of Nehemiah, that: 1) Your enemy will try to distract you. As you're moving forward doing what God wants done, we're going to see that your enemy will try to distract you and take you off of the wall. Verse Two, here's what we see: Sanballat and Geshem sent me this message... Nehemiah says: 'Come, let's meet together...' Stop doing the work, get off of the wall: 'Come, let's meet together in one of the villages on the plain called Ono...' Everybody say Ono. First spiritual lesson of the day is whatever you do, never take a meeting in a place called Ono! I'm just saying okay! And so, here we see the enemy come in and say, 'Hey, you're having all of this progress, we've got to stop Nehemiah. Let's take him off of the wall and let's distract him from the focus of doing what God called him to do.' And if you read forward, we're going to actually see that they were trying to do more than distract him, they were actually trying to physically harm him, but obviously they were trying to take him off the wall. So, in our world, here's the deal; when you start moving forward and doing what God calls you to do, your enemy will try to distract you. And it may not be with just the big things, because most of you are smart enough to say, I'm not giving in for those big distractions! What I've found is that it's often the little distractions over time that become the big distractions. It's often the little distractions over time that become the big distractions. For example, I make videos every week to serve different churches. And one week, I was doing this one for a pastor's conference in South Africa, and they were going to show one of my teachings. They wanted me to do an introduction to it that's called a 'Look live'. In other words, it looks like it's a live introduction, but it wasn't because I didn't want to get up at three in the morning to do the real live one! And so, they put make-up on me, which I never thought I would ever do, but I will do it for the glory of Jesus and for no other reason! Just saying! Not real make-up, just powder, that's it! You've got to draw the line somewhere okay! But they powdered me and I'm doing this deal, and it's got to be in one take because it looks live. And so, it's like a three minute deal and I start talking like, Hey everybody in South Africa, I'm Craig Groeschel! And right at the end, it was flawless and perfect, and this little fly goes zoom, and flies right in front of me! I'm like ha! Okay, start over! Take two, Hey everybody, I'm Craig Groeschel.. And sure enough again, I'm almost finished and guess what happened? The fly comes through! Now normally, just to be honest, I have like karate kid fast hands, and I can normally just reach out there and grab a fly, shake it up to disorient him, throw him on the table and then I flick him until he dies! Okay, that's what I normally do! Now, some of you may be like, But I'm a fly lover! Okay, if you are, join the cat lovers and send me email and I will not see them, they screen it all off of me! But on this day, we couldn't catch the fly, we couldn't kill the fly! Take number 12, whatever it is, I'm up there and I'm down at the end. The fly lands on my face at the end. I'm so mad, I just as hard as I could I smacked myself, and then the little fly flies off, there's red marks on my face! We canceled the video shoot! Five fingers on my face! One little fly, it wasn't a big distraction, it was a little distraction, just like might be true for you. You're going to do something great and you're going to sit down at your computer and you're going to hammer out this plan of how you're going to impact the world and help people who don't have clean drinking water. Or, you're going to go and work on behalf of the unborn. And you decide before you start, I'm just going to get on Facebook for a minute! You see where this is going? Three-and-a-half hours later, you haven't done squat! Your kids no longer know that you're their mom, they haven't seen you! And it's the little things that take you off of the good things. It could be that you know, that you're making a difference and then something good, they say, Hey, would you be on the parent-teacher board? And you're like, I care about kids, I really don't have time, but I don't want to say no. And so, something good distracts you from something great. It could be, it's football season or whatever your sport is where you live, and you get season tickets. You love God and all, but during football season, baby, you've got something more important to do than to come to church and love God. Because you now have to invest the best of your weekend watching 20-year-old men in tight pants do something that you're too uncoordinated to do yourself! Did I just say that? Absolutely I did and I stand by it all day long! And I'm not like anti-football at all. Truth is, those people that need to hear what I just said aren't here because why? They're too tired from going to a football game, cheering on 20-year-old men in tight pants! And I am not anti-football, I played football in high school. I got offers, full scholarship offers to play football for schools with like 20 people in them! But if you're not careful, you can let something even good distract you from the very best. And so, when you're on the wall doing what God called you to do and your enemy tries to distract you, you're going to say something from the deepest part of your heart and you're going to mean it with everything in you. Let me help you understand what you're going to say. You're up on the wall doing the work and the enemy tries to take you down, and what you say is: I'm not coming down! I'm not coming down! All of our churches, everybody say, I'm not coming down! Okay, that wasn't very convincing! You've got to have attitude when you say it, okay? If you want to kind of growl, it works even better, I'm not coming down! Or whatever it is, the count of three, give me some attitude and say it like you mean it! One, two, three: I'm not coming down! Here we see, Nehemiah says exactly this, in verse two and three; they said, 'Hey, let's go meet an Ono!' And he said, 'Oh no, no, no, no Ono!' He said: But they were scheming to harm me; so I sent messengers to them with this reply: I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down.... 'I'm not coming down because I'm doing something important!' He said: Why should the work stop while I leave it and go down to you? 'I'm not coming down, I'm doing something important!' And you have to have the courage to say no to distractions, even if they're good! For example, our church, we're not good at a lot, but we're good at a few things. What are we good at? We're good at raising up and reproducing spiritual leaders and starting campuses, we're good at that. And we're good at managing money all day long, we do a lot on a little. We're good at giving things away and we're good at it because we do it for not a lot and we give away a lot! We're good at, we're good at taking the Bible and bringing it to a level that people that didn't grow up in church and don't understand Christianity, it's intentional that we make it simple and we help people to find Christ. We're good at that. We're not good at everything, but people come up all of the time, Hey, let's do this! Pastor Craig, how about we start a gymnasium! And then, we can all work out together to Christian music! And wouldn't that be great? Which isn't a bad idea unless we did fifteen different gyms for each campus, then we're not good at managing money and guess what? Then, we're all doing aerobics to Amy Grant with a bunch of other Christians, rather than say, Why don't you stay in the gym where you are with people that don't know Christ so you can make a difference there? It's not a bad thing, but it's not a good thing! Hey, let's start a school, Pastor Craig, let's start a school! We could do that, but that's not in the sweet spot! Hey, we're good at doing videos, so let's make a movie! A Christian movie with real actors and real Christian things! We could do that, but guess what? That's not in the sweet spot! And here's the principle: Just because you could do something does not mean you should do something. Just because you could, don't let even something good distract you. I love the way my wife Amy is capturing this and understanding it, because people say, Hey, would you come on this girl's night out trip with us? or Would you speak at this event? or Would you come sing for this deal? or Would you be on our board? or whatever. And here's what she has to say and she has to mean, and she has to know it and believe it: I'm doing a great work right now and I can't come down. I am raising six children and homeschooling them. I'm serving the women at our church. I'm speaking on behalf of the orphans, and I'm keeping Craig happy, which is two full time jobs in itself! I'm doing a great work and it's not that what you're asking me isn't important, but I can't come down right now! Some of you, you need to internalize that. I don't know what it is for you, you're raising three kids and you're working a full time job and somebody needs to tell you that raising three kids is a great work. Embrace it, during this season you're pouring your life into your kids and there's all of these other opportunities, but I'm doing a great work and I can't come down. Or, I'm building this business and I'm leading a LifeGroup. And sure, you want me to play on the softball team, or go on the hunting trip, or go on whatever; but this season in my life I'm doing a great work and I can't, help me out somebody please, and I can't come down! I'm a college student and I'm getting my degree. I'm investing in my future and I'm serving in switch, and I know you'd like for me to go to the beach for the week or whatever, but what you need to understand right now, I'm doing what God called me to do. I'm doing a great work, and I what? I can't come down! I'm not going to let the enemy distract me from doing what God wants me to do! If anybody needs to say, That's good preaching! you can say it anytime you want to, because that's not bad preaching! So anyway, sorry, just I need to help you out every now and then, because sometimes you don't know that it's just really good! So anyway, here's the first thing, your enemy will try to distract you. The second thing is: 2) Your enemy will try to discredit you. Your enemy will try to discredit you. And when you do anything for the glory of God, you need to understand that your spiritual enemy will try to discredit you. And we see the enemy do it in two ways, attempt it in two ways with Nehemiah. The first if you're taking notes is: By spreading rumors. By spreading rumors. Just know this, the more you do for God the more people will gossip about you, misinterpret your motives, misunderstand what you're doing; it's a part of leadership. Verse Five we see this: Then, the fifth time, Sanballat sent his aide to me with the same message, and in his hand was an unsealed letter... Now, what is an unsealed letter? This was a letter that was meant to be read publicly to discredit Nehemiah. It was not sealed, it was like a blog post today, it's like, Hey, we want the world to see this letter. And in the letter, it was written: ...It is reported among the nations - and Geshem... Geshem, help me out, Geshem, good guy or bad guy? Geshem is a bad guy. And Geshem says:'s true - that you and the Jews are plotting to revolt, and therefore you are building the wall. Moreover, according to these reports you are about to become their king...Now this report will get back to the king; so come, let us confer together. What was he doing? They were spreading rumors. There was no truth in this. In fact, if you read Nehemiah Five, you're going to see the opposite is true. Nehemiah was the most self-sacrificial leader around. He could have had financial gain for himself, he didn't. He could have taken food that was available to him as the Governor, he didn't. In fact, he took his own resources and he invested in people to help them get out of debt. He spoke on behalf of the poor, it was not about him; but he was falsely accused. And here's the deal: The more you do for God, the more people are going to talk about you and spread rumors. It's just part of it. You don't face opposition for doing something wrong, you face it for doing something right. And what Nehemiah did is very simple, here's what he did: He just said, 'Hey, not true!' Then he prayed and then he got back to work. That's what we need! Hey, not true, then he prayed, and got back to work. And I do that all of the time. In fact, it's funny to me now the rumors I hear about myself. For years they were boring, they were the same ones; Craig doesn't believe the Bible, he preaches this entertainment Christianity, blah, blah, blah! It's like, obviously you've never been to church! So that was normal. Now they get more fun. Some guy came up to me and said, Is it true that you collect Lamborghini's? I was like, Uh...I used to collect baseball cards when I was a kid! I don't even know what a Lamborghini looks like! He said, I hear you're really into luxury cars and you have all of them! I'm like, No! That's ridiculous! And so, I just told him, That's not true! The truth is, we have two cars; we have a Suburban and we have a Honda Pilot, because they both seat eight and I'm stuck in those big cars because I've got six kids. But full disclosure, I guess that my Honda Pilot is a luxury vehicle. It is, it looks like a soccer-mom car when I'm driving in it, but you don't know, it really is a luxury vehicle because I bought it used, I didn't know all of the features. I buy them used so that someone else will pay for the heavy depreciation up front and I get a better deal! Just saying! And I didn't know all of these features and one week after I preached on Christmas, Jason brought my Honda Pilot up and turned a feature on that I didn't know about. And it was a cold night and I got in the car and I was driving as fast as I could because my family was waiting for me. And I was worshiping God, just like, Thank you God I got to be here, thank you that I get to be a part of this church, thank you that I get to be a part of this move. And all of a sudden I felt this warmth all over my body! I'm telling you, I teared up! God as my witness! I'm like, oh my goodness I feel the warmth of the presence of God! And I'm driving and I can barely steer! I'm like, God is on me, I can feel him, he's everywhere! This warmth! I look down and there's this little red button that had never been there and I look and I realized I've got butt warmers in this car! I had it for two years and never knew I had butt warmers, which is from God, I have to say, butt warmers are from God! I can't wait till when I'm warming my booty up all day long in my car! And so, if that's a luxury vehicle, then yes I collect a Honda Pilot with butt warmers! And so anyway, bottom line is, just get ready for it, people aren't going to understand. That's not true, pray, get back to work! Get on the wall and don't let what somebody else says take you away from doing what God called you to do! The second thing your enemy will do to discredit you is to tempt you to compromise. To compromise your integrity, to sin, to discredit yourself. Verse Ten, we see a new character introduced. This is the soap opera part, this is the twist, this is the Jerry Springer moment! Shemaiah comes in and says, Shemaiah was probably a temple priest, it doesn't say this, but he's got access to the temple. You're only allowed to go in the temple if you were the priest. Anyone else God could kill you if you went in it was like blasphemy, it would discredit you. And so, this guy says to Nehemiah: Shemaiah said, Let us meet in the house of God, inside the temple, and let us close the temple doors, because men are coming to kill you.... In other words, you'll be safe in the temple, they won't find you in there. Verse 12: ...I realized that God had not sent him, but that he had prophesied against me because Tobiah (bad guy) and Sanballat (bad guy) had hired him... Okay, he was the double agent. Verse 13: ...He had been hired to intimidate me so that I would commit a sin by doing this, and then they would give me a bad name... To do what? Say it aloud, to: discredit me. And that's what your enemy wants to do. In fact, here's the deal, Nehemiah could have so easily given in to this, because as you rise in effectiveness as a leader, it's very easy to start to believe that you're entitled to more than you're entitled to. Here's how it could have played out in his mind: 'Hey, I am the man, I mean, nobody else could build this wall and I'm building it. I'm pretty important in this project and if I'm gone the project stops. Therefore, I should be kept safe in the temple. No, I'm not supposed to go there, but I am just that important.' As you rise in effectiveness, your spiritual enemy will try to convince you that you are more than what you really are. We see it all of the time amongst leaders, it's like, Hey, look what I'm doing, I'm important! and I deserve more money than they are paying me! and before long, a spirit of entitlement sets in and a great leader can fall into greed. Or, Hey, check it out, look what I'm getting done! and Hey, the young ladies, they just like me! I mean, they should right? I mean, I'm the... and suddenly someone who is getting a lot done gives in to sexual temptation and lets one act discredit years and years of a good name. Or, it could be Nehemiah's saying, Hey, look what all I... and in your life it could be similar. You have a great ministry going on and you're helping the poor in another part of the world, or you're working with intercity kids, or whatever it is. And you're a guy, and you're married, and your wife's not meeting your needs and you're thinking, I'm kind of special aren't I? And I've got needs and she's not meeting my needs, therefore, I need my needs met! And a great man in all other ways wanders outside of the boundaries of God and finds himself doing something stupid that discredits his name. You see it in the woman, she's got a great small group to women's ministry, she's disciplining young girls and she's a leader at her work, but her husband's not there emotionally for her. And so, she goes to work and there's a guy that understands her. She's got this great ministry, but she needs someone who understands her and he understands just how special she is. And before long, she's got all of this good stuff going on and she discredits herself in one act. It could be at your work, you have a great reputation of being a strong Christian and you're helping share your faith with your boss. And all of your friends, they may not agree but they respect you. When they are having a hard time, some of them ask you to pray for them and you're making a difference. But one day you're like, You know, they take advantage of me here. I mean, I'm doing all of this work and you know, the company doesn't notice me and they don't understand how valuable I am. And so, you've got a personal expense and you think, I'm just putting this on my business expense. And suddenly, you've got this huge ministry that's very effective and you let one thing discredit your integrity. We see it all of the time. We see it all of the time, a great leader abuses power, becomes greedy, steps into sexual sin. And your enemy, as you rise in effectiveness, will do everything to stop you. The closer you get to doing what God wants done, the harder your enemy will fight, distract you, Hey, come on over here, discredit you, He's not the real thing, she's really in it for herself! Oh, here's something that you really deserve. And whenever your enemy tries to stop you to throw you off, you're going to say back with attitude first, I'm not coming down! And the second thing you're going to say is, I'm not giving up! I'm not! I'm not giving up! Everybody say I'm not giving up! Okay, this time I want you to say it and I want you to mean it! Satan's trying to stop you, everything is coming against you, and with every bit of fight inside of you, you say, I'm not giving up! This is what Nehemiah did, Shemaiah said, 'Hey, let's go to the temple, they're trying to kill you!' Verse 11: But I said, Should a man like me run away? Or should one like me go into the temple to save his life?... He says what? Say it aloud, he said: ...I will not go! In other words, I came here to build a wall and I'm not stopping until the wall is built. I'm not giving up. I'm not giving up my good name, I'm not giving up my integrity, and I'm not giving up my cause, because God has created me to do this in this season. Let's review four weeks of teaching in a couple of minutes: Who does God use? God loves to use ordinary people and give them extraordinary callings. When God gives them a burden so great that one day this person sits down to cry, then kneels down to pray, and then stands up to act and says, No! Not on my watch! I'm not okay with this! On behalf of God, somebody has got to do something about this, it might as well be me! And then this person believes that even though everyone else thinks it's impossible, he or she knows with God all things are possible. So what do you do? You define the vision clearly. Here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to rebuild this wall. I'm going to help speak on behalf of the unborn. I'm going to mentor intercity kids. I'm going to stand in the gap for those who are trapped in human trafficking. Whatever it is, you define the mission clearly. Then you make plans carefully, here's what God's calling me to do; next step, next step, next step. Then, what do you do? You inspire people passionately. You say, Everyone else thinks it can't be done, but with the help of our God, we will get it done. Then, if you ever feel discouraged, what do you do? You remember your God who is great and awesome and you fight for the cause. When everybody else says, Hide your kids and hide your wife and hide your husband because they're raping everybody up in here! You say, No, no, no, no, no! We're fighting for our sons and we're fighting for our daughters, and we're fighting for our homes and we'll put a tool in one hand and a weapon in the other and we're going to fight and never give up! And when your enemy tries to distract you, what do you do? You say, I'm doing a great work. You've got to understand, I'm doing a great work and I'm not what? Somebody help me, I'm not coming down! And when your enemy tries to get you to quit, You don't understand, there's no quit in me! The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives inside of me! And look, if you try to put Jesus down, three days later, he's coming back baby! And I'm coming back in the same way! There is no quit in me. And so, what is the end of this story? What is it? Verse 15: So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifth day of Elul, in... How many days? The Bible says: fifty-two days. There's no lightening from heaven that destroys the enemies, there's no talking donkeys, there's no hankies which magic power; all you see is the miracle of God working through leadership and determination. That's what you see. In fifty-two days the wall is up. Verse 16: When all our enemies heard about this, all the surrounding nations were afraid and lost their self-confidence,... Why? ...because they realized that this work had been... What? Everybody say it aloud, it had been: ...done with the help of our God. Everybody realized that what everyone thought was impossible had been done with the help of our God. And here's the deal, 'Do not grow weary in doing good...,' Scripture says, '...for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.' God is not calling you to take up space and make a name for yourself, He is calling you to change the world. And when you surrender to Him; by His power, His strength, the gifts He's given you, and the people around you, you can do what everyone else thinks cannot be done and God can use you to change your world. Father I pray in the name of your Son Jesus, that your Spirit would speak to your church clearly, and that God, we would be different because we are in your presence. All of our churches as you're praying today, many of you right now, you've tried to do something, you've tried to move forward, you've tried to make a difference for God, you sense it. And then, in any area of your life you may be facing resistance, someone get's sick, you've hit an obstacle, and you feel frustrated and you don't think you can make a difference. It's so common, we all feel it, I feel it often. There's resistance, there's opposition, you feel like you can't move forward. It could be that you just get distracted, it could be people are saying stuff, could be that you got derailed by some temptation, or you're even flirting with it right now. All of our different churches, those of you who would say, Yes, there really is, I sense opposition and resistance in my life. Craig, would you pray that God would deliver me and help me overcome this? All of our churches, would you lift up your hands right now, just lift them high, lift them high. Yes, there are others of you, opposition in your marriage, opposition with your kids, opposition in your finances. Just lift up your hand before God, just lift up your hand. God, I pray today for those who are hitting the wall. I thank you God that you give us the ability to go over, under, through, around whatever obstacles would be there. God, I thank you that you are the God that moves mountains, that you are the God that can part the sea and cause your people to walk through on dry ground. God, we thank you that we don't face opposition for doing something wrong, but for doing something right. And God I pray that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, that lives inside of all of those who know you and believe in you, that He oh God, that your Spirit would give us endurance and strength not to give up, but to trust you even when we don't see a way. God I pray that you would remove obstacles. God I pray that you would give us the ability to trust you and not give up. God I pray you would inspire faith and hope within your people, and God as they stay on the wall doing what you've called them to do, God I thank you that in due season we would reap a harvest, we would see the difference if we do not give up and trust you. God, give your children faith to stay on the wall and do oh God what you've called them to do. As you keep praying today at all of our churches, I'm convinced that there are so many people that are kind of, sort of close to the things of God, but not yet fully surrendered to Him. That was my story, I believed in God, but I didn't know His Son Jesus. A lot of you right now, you're feeling drawn to the things of God and you're not quite sure why. And there may be something inside of you that says, I really would like to go full-on for this God thing, but I'm not good enough yet, I still have got all of these things I need to clean up first, I need to get my life straight. Let me just tell you this, you will never clean your life up enough to please God on your own, it's impossible. Our sin separates us from a Holy God. That's why God sent His Son, Jesus, who was without sin, perfect in every way, who became sin for us on the cross, who shed His blood and three days later, was raised from the dead, so that whoever calls on His name would be saved. I'm convinced there are people around the church that are distracted by lower things, such as religion and their own efforts and their own works, and they miss the grace of God. Here's what I believe, God wants you to come to Him today as you are. He will forgive you, He will change you, He will make you new. The Bible says that anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. At all of our different churches, there are those of you God is drawing. Some of you, you've been around the church like I was growing up, you've got a head knowledge, but not a heart relationship. You've got a selfish Christianity, I said, Jesus, keep me out of hell, get me to heaven! I'm telling you, that's just part of it, that's asking Jesus to save you, but He wants to be the Lord of your life, first in every way to use you to make a difference. Don't insult the grace of God by just asking Him to save you; ask Him to be first, the Lord in every way. At all of our churches, there are those of you today that you're here to step across that line to say, Full-on, completely in, Jesus I believe you died for me. Now I give my life to you, save me and do more, use me for your glory today. I completely and fully give my life to you. If that's you today, at all of our campuses, that's why you're here; you know it, you sense it, it's time. Full-on, full surrender to the Lordship of Christ. Take my life, save me, I give it to you. If that's your prayer today, lift your hands high now, right now. Lift them up and leave them up if you will. All over the place, lift them up and leave them up. Praise God for both of you right here, that's awesome! Right back over here as well, God bless you guys! Here in this back section, right back over there, God bless you as well. Thank you God! Two hands, three hands up over here in this section. Others of you today, right back over here. ChurchOnline, you all click right below me. Others today, right back here in this section, thank God for you, and right up here, God bless you in a big way! Others today who say, Yes Jesus, save me! Right back here, All of my life, every bit of me, I give it to you! Right here in this section. Oh my goodness, thank you God. Others today, Take me, save me! Right here, thank you God for your work in this man's life! Right back over here in this section, praise God for all of you! Would you all pray, pray aloud. Pray heavenly Father, save me from my sins. Forgive me, make me new. I believe you died for me so I could live for you. Thank you for new life, I give you mine. In Jesus name I pray! Life Church, would you worship God, would you celebrate, would you welcome those today born into His family!

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Change Your World in 52 Days - Week 4 - Craig Groeschel -

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