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yj for t two

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Hi. I'm having a huge headache right now and so i'm trying to get some sleep Since it's past midnight it's technically the start of Chuseok. As you can see it's full moon. I can see it from my room. I usually have a headache when I'm stressed out... all my muscles ache... today the pain seems to be the worst. I think it's because of this week's stress I only have 40 days left So hopefully I will be able to get through this I really hope this pain goes away when I wake up tomorrow I will now try to get some sleep I'll see you tomorrow It's 3:32 AM right now. My dad's getting ready for work now. What See you dad Eh? ssup See you later dad I should probably study now... Start I failed Thought I did well but I couldn't pass it I definitely did better than my friends. If I knew what questions I got wrong I probably won't regret it Don't even know why but just the word "rejected" I hate it...! Do you know how much I tried? I tried so hard! I'm just gonna cry at home. Fuck / bad 서울대 I'm not going! It's nerve racking...I'm afraid to click on it No...why am I rejected...? Can't believe it..Ah...what am I gonna do Didn't you do well? I thought I did well but I guess it wasn't enough So what kind of people got accepted? I'm so curious Don't they announce those who got accepted...? That's it? Just the word "Rejected?" (불합격?) Might as well take a picture Wait. Let me take it with this camera I can't believe it I did well... It's been 3 hours since I found about the results.. Hmm...So what happened was... I practice a lot... There were two questions: one question asked me to cut out and paste a piece of paper and one asked me to draw with a colored pencil But no one told me that there would be such a question...I searched it myself and tried my best And as for drawing drawing I thought I did well although I was pressed with time I just don't know how much more I would have had to try I just can't get a sense of what I did wrong...where I stand in terms of others... Was my drawing that bad...? I'm curious to know why I was rejected... Curious how the accepted people drew I don't regret it...actually I do because I didn't get in I just flat out got rejected.. that I think about it...I don't think I've tried my best If I did try my best...will I have gotten in? My brother has a cold sore in his he couldn't eat anything today right now it's almost midnight he says he wanted to eat some egg soup and so he's eating right now.. how is it? It hurts Don't take it? You can't speak right now huh? Can you eat the egg? You can eat? Guess you're all right now huh... Aww... (아이고) Trying to eat with a normal part of your mouth (chuckle) Were you hungry Jung Hyeon? Oh you're finished...! One more bowl? How long has it been since you ate? Show me with me with your fingers Let me see...1 meal? 2 days? 3 days? 1 day? 2 days? say it! 2 days you havn't eaten properly Do I need to put a mosaic on your face (mosaic = covering up) Do me a mosaic~ It's really aching isn't it And its' hard to speak. What's the cause of all this? Did you not goggle Is it the medicine? The medicine's making it sore? How old are you this year? Write it on S-note (phone) & show it to me 16 That means you have to go to high school next year You must be worried (nod) How long is the mouth treatment

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yj for t two

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