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The Truth about AIDS | La vérité sur le SIDA | un complot, un business, une tuerie avérée

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Dear web listeners, hello! And welcome on, A show that bears no name. I welcome you today in the dissident office for highlighting what could be considered as the largest medical malpractice of the last century. The sole responsibility of the HIV virus in the syndrome of AIDS. Millions of deaths. Millions of sick. Medical treatment sold by millions for a virus that might not exist. Leading scientists and researchers which includes also our guests of the day tells us that all this would be a hoax and in fact, the HIV virus has never been isolated. Dear web listeners, for you we investigated, a book quickly became a must. Ten Lies About AIDS. Les 10 plus gros mensonges sur le SIDA. So today I am calling them at the dissident office co-authors of this book: Professor Etienne De Harven, and science journalist Jean-Claude Roussez. Hello Gentlemen! Hello! Hello! Mr. De Harven, you are a medical doctor. And were Professor Emeritus of Pathology at the University of Toronto in Canada. You've spent most of your career to the study of retroviruses under the electron microscope. And linked to leukemia in mice. Is that correct? That's right! My cards do not betray me yet. Mr. Roussez you are a journalists, science writer. You have published, among other things, numerous studies on medical applications of high technology. It is perfectly true. So gentlemen, just before returning on some of the biggest lies about AIDS, I allow myself under your control to redefine the terms who by dint of being hackneyed, merge or lose their meaning in our collective unconscious. Let’s start by calling, to have AIDS, is to have a very weak immune system, to the point of not being able to defend ourselves against a set of so-called opportunistic diseases that are listed. Because they benefit from the fall of our natural defenses. Yes! And it is the development of these diseases, including cancer, and other infections, that end up causing the death of the infected person. Is that correct? Yes! That's right! As for HIV, the virus, it would be THE responsible of the collapse of our immune system by attacking one its essential components, the T-cells. Until then, I have almost everything good? Yes! All good! And yes, I would like to finish with remembering what is the HIV status. Then we say that a person is HIV positive when detected in his blood, not the presence of HIV, but the presence of antibodies supposed to fight against this infection. So if I have everything good, I can ask the first question that is: Mr. De Harven, this virus is observed or not observed? This virus has never been directly observed under the electron microscope, in the blood of patients which they are said to have a high viral load. By molecular techniques extremely interesting they claimed to identify in the blood of these patients nucleic acid sequences that correspond to the genome of retroviruses. But there is no correlation between these data and the total failure of all efforts that were developed to attempted to demonstrate retrovirus particles in the blood of these patients. So the virus has never been found in the body of AIDS patients? Never! It has never been observed in electron microscope in the blood of patients who they claim they have a high viral load. It is a statement I made in South Africa at this major conference that had convened President Becky in 2000 and that has never been contradicted since. We even, in London, offered a fairly large price to anyone who could prove me wrong. And that price was never claimed. Very good! Mr. Roussez, how was done the announcement of the discovery of the virus? Oh look, it's a long story. In fact, we must go back to 1972, so nine years before the start of what may be termed as the epidemic. President Richard Nixon at the time had declared war against cancer. It was his major project. And immediately asked the U.S. Congress to release huge amounts of money to work for research against cancer. But on condition that such research be conducted only on retroviruses. That is to say that an independent researcher that would have sought to find the real cause of cancer, this one was black ball stage. There were only for retroviruses. Because we may have found a link between retroviruses and cancer in some animals. That’s it! This is partly in fact research that has been made by Professor De Harven, at Charlotte Friend in New York who found that there was some relationship between cancer in chicken or mouse and retroviruses. In 1980-81, when appear the first cases of AIDS, we tried to move from cancer to a new disease. Let me explain. Huge money that were granted to researchers, have yielded absolutely no result. After nine years, of completely unsuccessful search, the American public and the Senate, which had extended the millions of dollars of course, and this story about AIDS had fallen like a godsend. And has even increased subsidies, compared to cancer, we have multiplied the subsidies. In 1980, there were once, several cases. Among homosexuals, from large cities, who all had the same disease, the same symptoms. Including two symptomatic AIDS disease, Kaposi's sarcoma, a disease a kind of cancer of the blood vessels. Let me remind our listeners that they are spots that we see appearing in the film Street of Philadelphia, the character played by Tom Hanks, red spots, that appear on his neck, everywhere. That’s it! And the second emblematic disease was the PCP, that is to say pneumocystic pneumonia, because it comes from the microbe in question. And rather than see what was visible immediately namely, that these diseases were caused by drug use, and exclusively by drugs. It felt like there was a good smell passing through. Ho my! And if we could turn that into an infectious disease. And that's, that was a false link, an opportunity link with a virus. That’s it, we said, it would be not bad if it was a virus, because it is not very visible, it is very small, no one will see it, that's it. We did a link, a false link, a link of opportunity with a virus. That’s it, we said, it would be not bad if it was a virus, because it is not very visible, it is very small, no one will see it, that's it. And this virus, precisely, because there was an announcement of the discovery of HIV, who did it? I think it was Professor Gallo in the United States, in collaboration with Professor Luc Montagnier. That’s it, in the lab of Luc Montagnier at the Pasteur Institute, in 1983, it was apparently discovered what appears to be a virus. I will not go further in that direction. And the following year, in 1984, Robert Gallo, using a sample from the Pasteur Institute, has himself made a discovery of a so-called virus. But it's not that Gallo who announced that, as being the responsibility of AIDS. The announcement was made officially in a press conference by Margaret Heckler??, Secretary of State for Health, and not by the scientists themselves. This is an official declaration from the U.S. government that triggered the phenomenon by saying, we have just discovered the vector of AIDS. So it is a political will. It has never been done before with other virus? No! Since you mention this historic press conference, it must be said that she had announced that this virus is PROBABLY the cause of AIDS. But the next day the media around the world have forgotten a single word, the word probably. And it passed, from the probability to certainty, in 24 hours. It has changed many things like we see today. And precisely because this virus has never been isolated, what is the value of testing for AIDS? And to what correspond the fact of being HIV positive or not? And, what the public believe very often, is that this test identifies the presence of a virus, which is absolutely false! This test only identifies the presence of antibodies which are supposed to oppose the proliferation of this virus. And in no way, the specificity of these antibodies could not be demonstrated, to the contrary. An American author, Christine Johnson, published in 1998, a key article in the history of this controversy, publishing a list of about 70 medical conditions which can themselves cause someone to become HIV positive. And in this long list, you find TB malaria, leprosy, receiving an influenza vaccination, pregnancy, especially multiple pregnancies, blood transfusions. So if you put malaria, leprosy and tuberculosis in the possible causes of seropositivity, you imagine that on the African scene in particular, we can find many millions. Therefore, this test has absolutely no value. And has only allowed to terrorize the population worldwide. And to justify, in a way, that can be best characterized as a pharmacological genocide. To seem to justify the prescription to all HIV-positive patients drugs that are quite deadly toxic. Basically, it's pretty scary what you say because If I understand, all those so-called positive to whom are prescribed very heavy treatments, are healthy individuals. And yes! In this AIDS story, there have been two phases. The first phase with real sick patients. That is to say people who were suffering from immunosuppression. There are immunocompromised people that have no immune system anymore, there were those who were taken into care. But the most shameful in this AIDS story, is the fact of having invented the HIV test, that led to rank among the sick patients people who are perfectly healthy. And there began the great genocide. Precisely, the makers of this test, do they precise that it is not reliable anyway? Ah yes! In length and breadth and in patent. Just read the notice. I understand that the same person could be seropositive in Paris, and seronegative in Sydney, depending on the location. This is absolutely true! Yes, in Africa, you only need two bands, two proteins on the ten characteristics of the supposed virus, it is enough if you have two positive bands to be classified as positive. In France it takes three. In Australia it takes four. If you ever find yourself sick in Africa, you make a small jump by plane to Australia you end up healthy in one fell swoop. And this test is not applicable in Great Britain, it is considered quite insignificant. So exactly, about the treatment, the only one that has existed from the beginning was AZT, right? That’s it! AZT is a drug that had been studied in the fight against cancer. And then it turned out, as we usually do tests on mice, that all mice were dying. Okay! So, we absolutely refused, categorically refused that this medication be put on the market. So it stayed in the closet. Until the day where, there was pressure, people asking for a solution, using panels. We want to have a cure! We want to have a cure! And they took out of that the closet by saying it would do the trick. And they took out AZT. So how this poison could get authorization to be put on the market? Within weeks, it has never been seen an approval to be put on the market of a drug in the U.S. with such a rush. It is absolutely outrageous! It supports well all of what you just said. But the case of HIV-positive hemophiliacs is extremely characteristic. Mortality of HIV-positive hemophiliacs has been studied in the United Kingdom, especially between 1980 and 1992. In all the initial years until 1986-87, the mortality rate for HIV-positive hemophiliacs, was extremely stable. In 1987, we began to treat them with high doses of AZT, and mortality has skyrocketed. The curve is like that. 1987. There is no more striking proof of the extreme toxicity of this drug. And the fact that hemophiliacs would never die of HIV but often died of poisoning by this drug that is extremely dangerous. So precisely about these treatments, I would like that we look together, at his video interview of the Nobel Prize, co-discoverer of HIV, Luc Montagnier. So precisely about these treatments, I would like that we look together, This video interview of the Nobel Prize, co-discoverer of HIV, Luc Montagnier. Gentlemen this video is enough to have chills in the back. The co-discoverer of HIV, Nobel Prize, tells us roughly that we could cure AIDS, by sleeping better, or by preparing meals that are a little more tidy. So I let myself say it like that, because millions of patients every day swallow heavy treatments, to be told today, it would almost be enough to wash their hands five times a day. What was your reaction tell me? If you look at the Nexus of January, there is from the pen of a science journalist which has largely contributed to all this, and that is Mr. Jamel Tahi? There are very precise observations. He made a documentary that went on Arte, A few years ago. Yes, but you have to look at the January issue of Nexus, to read what Jamel Tahi said about this interview, this video we have seen recently. So it does not particularly shock you, about the scientific integrity that we hear this today from this person that...? I would say that Professor Montagnier had very often, how shall I, shaken the views, by assertions, which were surprising. For example, the existence of cofactors. Yes HIV is perhaps important but there was also co-factors, and he has never stopped talking about it. In 2003, we had a great conference at the European parliament in Brussels in which he participated and me too. And in his presentation, he widely considered the effect of oxidative stress as a probable cause of some large immune depression. That, it has not much to do with HIV. So we had some preparation to hear Professor Montagnier, express opinions that are not absolutely rigid, as from many others, Gallo and his entire group. All right. If you want, I ask myself a question. Would Professor Montagnier be part of the dissidence. Perhaps, we will invite him. Since he got his Nobel Prize, It is difficult for him to go back. That's the problem. To take the example of the continent which would Be most affected by AIDS, Africa. Do Africans die of something else since many years? Listen, the situation in Africa is so different. The public health problems in Africa are monumental. And revolve around the lack of hygiene, and bad nutrition, and major tropical diseases well known, such as malaria, leprosy, and tuberculosis for them also. All this is now renamed AIDS. If I say that, it is not to be shocking. But my analysis, would be to say there is no AIDS epidemic in Africa. There is huge public health problems to which we attach the label of AIDS. Likely to satisfy the voracious pharmaceutical companies, seeking to open new markets. But in fact there is no real AIDS in Africa. I know it's shocking to hear that. But it revolves around problems of sanitation, malnutrition, and major tropical diseases, that are well known. And about Europe, Studies have proven that sero-discordant couples, one of which is HIV positive or not, do not transmitted the virus to each other, over periods of 7-8-10 years. And other studies show that among prostitutes, only those who take drugs are affected. And in the gay community, those who are affected, Are those who lead a decadent life and drugs, too. Would we be dealing with a virus that is sexist, homophobic, racist? This is one of the reasons why it's impossible. It seems that the virus attacks preferably men in the West, and almost equal male-female in Africa. It's can’t be a virus! Remember, a virus is not a living material! That is is very important, it is not a bacteria. A virus is a blend of protein, and that's it! Inert, with a piece of DNA. It is unable to defend itself. You mean there to choose by continent and gender? It's impossible! It is to assign it an intelligence and it is far from being able to have one. So therefore, there is that, there is the issue of gender equity that does not exist in the West but in Africa. As for the statistics that have been done after numerous studies on prostitutes, it is entirely correct that almost no prostitute is HIV positive, except those who engage in hard drugs. It is obvious that the supposed infectiousness of AIDS is totally incompatible, by sex, with the fact that prostitutes do not have AIDS. And therefore, the whole AIDS orthodoxy refuse to recognized that. But in the book we did together, there are a lot of references that illustrate that epidemiological studies in Thailand Africa, Italy, Germany, the United States, There are a lot of references that illustrate that epidemiological studies in Thailand Africa, Italy, Germany, the United States, in Canada are all concordant to demonstrate that prostitutes do not have AIDS. So if it was an infectious disease, it is clear that they would be the first victims. Here you specify that numerous studies have proven. Yes, Yes! It does not mean, I take this opportunity to highlight an important point, dissidents, which we are part of, are totally in support of all public health campaigns Recommending the use of condoms in the fight against diseases actually sexually transmitted that is to say that it is not AIDS. It is obvious that we abstain completely to issue any negative comment on these public health recommendations dealing with actually sexually transmitted diseases, and the point of view of public health recommendations are extremely important. In fact to prove the absence of this virus, a man, Dr. Villenair??, on a Spanish channel live, has inoculated himself with the blood of an hemophiliac with AIDS. What do you think this act? I dare not ask you if you would be able to do that? Finally, if you would do it yourself? I have been offered once, and I said no, because I do not accept that something goes in my body in an unexpected way. But in contrast, I was ready to make love with an HIV positive as often as it would be necessary. Robert Villenair actually had this experience, but he's so confident, and rightly so, he should lose nothing, indeed, he went there blindly! And since then he has noting? Well no, at last! Gentlemen, if I understand, it’s been nearly 30 years of research, and efforts to get in 2010, with no cure, no vaccine. No verifiable epidemiological predictions. What are the hopes? I want to emphasize three points you just made with great precision, to indicate that this evidence is given, it is time to have the courage to ask ourselves if the hypothesis of the start were true or false. And I think it is urgent, to realize that the assumption of the start were fundamentally wrong. All right. You are not the only ones to say it. I think you are president of an international group? I was president until 2008, my term was 3 years I was president between 2005 and 2008, of the group Rethinking AIDS, which is primarily based in California. Which brings together many scientists? And all those interested by the program today. And who know English well, should not fail to open on the Internet the site of this group which I was president. And this site is: And there are a lot of material there, including covering of a very important meeting held in Oakland, California, last November. To which I participated. And you can find very large extracts on this site, I highly recommend a visit to all English speakers who are listening. And hopes then? So in terms of vaccines, it is just lost. It's not even worth thinking about, for a simple reason. What is immunization? Vaccination is to create a primary infection, that is to say a replica of the not severe disease. In response, the immune system, will create antibodies. These antibodies will be on the watch when the real disease comes. This is the principle of vaccination. And since there is no virus? That's not it! From the moment you make a vaccination, you become HIV positive. So it's the snake's tail death. It seems very simple when you explain it, Yet we see millions of dollars spent in research, so it is worrying. It is for you something that? Well listen, we see millions of dollars, because it is still, we should not forget, all that is still a big industry. This is indeed largely a money story. In large part, and saving some jobs anyway, and there are thousands of jobs. As there is enough unemployment as it is. Exactly, I think it was Professor Gallo, which launched the test, it was he who created this test? On the day of the announcement by Margaret Heckler? and Gallo the discovery of the alleged virus, that evening, he filed the patent. He became a billionaire thanks to this, we must not forget it! Very good! Ok! Gentlemen, thank you! We were very honored to have you here, your courage, your perseverance, and your scientific integrity, are very popular here in the office of dissidence. Dear web listeners, you'll understand we are far from a discussion of counter or delirium plots. The prestige of the guests of the day is enough to show it. Many questions remain unanswered. Millions of patients are waiting for real solutions. We count on you and on the mobilization of all, to sensitize the authorities to reassess the origins of AIDS. The debate continues on the forum of the website of the show. You can send us your most dissidents opinions. And the subjects you want to see addressed here at the office of the dissidence. You are the programmers of the show. It was, the program that bears no name.

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