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Esperaré al Proximo (J'attendrai le suivant) (I'll Wait for the Next One)

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I'LL WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE FRANCE I'LL WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE Ladies and gentlemen, good evening... Please pardon me if I am disturbing you. I know that, these days, everone is... a bit busy. So please excuse me... ...and allow me to introduce myself. My name is Antoine, I'm 29 years-old. Don't worry, I'm not here to ask your for money... I am here because... I read in a magazine... That there are 5 million... single women in France... Where are they? I've been single for three years and a half now... I am not ashamed of it, But I think it is just about enough... for me to spend my evenings in front of my microwave... Or watching stupid shows on TV This isn't a life! Minitel, Internet... Just to get stood up. I am not interested in that! I'm an IT engineer and a make a decent living for myself. 2600 euros per month. I'm quite into sports... and I like to cook. Yes, you may laugh... But I believe in happiness. All that I am looking for is a lady, or a young lady aged between 18 and 55... who also had some trouble to find someone in the normal way and who wants to share something honest with someone. If one of you is interested... you can discreetly get off at the next station... I will wait for her on the platform. Stop this nonsense! You have to stay single! I've been married for five years to a pain in the neck. If you want, I can give you her office number She's a hairdresser. Talk to her and ask her... But don't come complaining to me afterwards! That's very kind, sir, but I'm not looking for someone else's wife. At least not without asking for her opinion first. She will say yes, I am positive! All she wants is money. And I think that you have some, right? I am looking for love, sir, I am not trading a contract. You have big issues, my friend! You'll have to take the subway a lot! Please pardon this gentleman who will never get to know true love. You idiot! Yes! Of course... Ladies, I repeat my offer. If one of you shares my vision of love Please get of the train. Miss, this was just a sketch. I hope that you enjoyed the show. Some change would be much appreciated.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 54 seconds
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: None
Producer: Production Company: La Boite
Director: Philippe Orreindy
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Posted by: grothienk on Oct 20, 2008

El metro en la cd. de Lyon: "Damas y Caballeros, una disculpa si los molesto. No se preocupen, No estoy aqui para pedirles dinero. Me presentaré: Mi nombre es Antoine. Tengo 29 años..."

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