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The Dictator (2012)

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(Obama) For over 4 decades, the people have lived under the rule of a tyrannt, who denies them their most basic human rights. The time has come, for him to step aside. We must keep on with the NATO mission, and bring him to justice. I am for free press, fair elections, and equal rights for women - Pffft - I can't say that. ♪ [Beware - Punjab MC and Jay-Z] On your mark. Get set. [gunshot] [crowd cheering] [cheering] Supreme leader, the United Nations demands that you come to New York, and address them. We are going to America. Admiral General, welcome to New York City. And while you're here, I highly recommend a visit to the Empire State building. Before you, or one of your cousins, takes it down. Rise and shine. Nobody's gonna recognize you (dictator) No-no-no-no! ...without this. Aaaaaaah! Is there any way you could lend me some money? Maybe 20 million dollars? I'm here to deliver my speech to the United Nations. Look, it's too hot for crazy. Aaaah! Come on! Come with me! Could you please take your hands off my breasts? Those are breasts? I thought you were a boy? I accept your job offer as general manager. We'll you can't be the manager, because I'm the manager. Well, I can if I kill you. Okay, well. Hey, can you take out the garbage? [horn honking] Stop that. Shut up, loser. Oh! Hey, hairnet. Kinda need you to hurry up. Chop chop. [bell rings] Next. ♪ Take money, make money, this chico right here gotta eat, baby♪ Aaaaah! This is the plan. We're just two ordinary American tourists. I love being an American. [speaking foreign language] [screaming] Out! [Captions by]

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