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Tutto quello che sai sulle Startup e falso

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This here is a wonderful book, really wonderful. "Lost and founder" it’s called, written by Rand Fishkin. Why is it wonderful? For two reasons: the first is that Rand Fishkin, who I’ve known for many years, I brought him to Italy for an event years ago, I’ve interviewed him a lot, he’s a person I really respect, a special person, unique in the startup world, because, on one hand he’s one of the biggest names in SEO in the world, for search engine placement Rand Fishkin is one of the top gurus, but on the other hand, the reason why this is a wonderful book, is that it doesn’t tell stories, it tells the truth, if you need to launch your startup, especially in the tech world, and not run around in circles. He tells you, from his own experience, having created SEOmoz, which then became Moz, about all the mess, all the trouble, all the joys and the sorrows of this stuff. Period. Without any of the b.s. He has many interesting concepts. I’ll tell you two that I liked. The first concept is about passion. Everyone says: look, follow your passion, blah blah blah. The truth, as he rightly points out, if you launch a startup and you’re the founder of the company, you’re the CEO you do everything except what you’re passionate about. Why? Because the daily work you have to do every two seconds, it’s not super creative or passionate, it’s practical stuff. Managing people, delegating, finding customers, managing crises, recruiting, managing relationships with investors and banks, keeping all of this internal mess together while at the same time projecting an image of strength to the outside world, and of course you always have to be the one with the vision, for everyone that you communicate with, again and again... It’s an epic pain in the ass, unless you like to do it, all of this activity has nothing to do with doing what you love or following your passion. The paradox is that, in order to put what you love out into the world, you have to spend your days doing stuff that you don’t love at all. Another point that I liked, is this little graphic here, the difference between MVP and EVP. You know that in the startup world you’re always talking about Minimum Viable Product. It means that you have an idea, you launch a prototype, which may not work very well, but get to market, collect user feedback, and afterwards you change it, you improve it, and you continue iterating until you get the wonderful finished product. And this is an approach that I like, I use it often, but Rand rightly points out that often you already have a community and visibility, and this approach is very dangerous, and he suggests that you aim for the Exceptional Viable Product. That is, wait until you have a product that truly works, because your first impact with your community can be devastating if not. And he cites a few examples. Rand Fishkin "Lost and founder", it’s a really nice little book, I fully recommend it, completely, as much as I can, required reading for anyone who who wants to launch a startup or is already building a startup or who wants to bring some much needed change to their project. Because at the end of the day, this blessing of change, when it affects others, as a quote from this book says, everyone loves it, great, but when it’s about us, when we have to change, our structure, our business, ourselves as professionals, at that point… everyone hates it.

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Tutto quello che sai sulle Startup e falso

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