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Somaliland visit

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Vice President of Republic of Somaliland (Abdirahman Abdilaahi Ismail) and President of unrecognized country Liberland has been warmly welcomed in the city of Berber. when they arrived in the city of Berber they attended a news briefing at the city hall of Berbera when they reach Berbera they participate conference that talking about local government of Berbera this talks was about the Gplg of the local government of Berbera city this talks held in Berbera local governmental hall firstly mayor of Berbera ( abdulshakor mahmoud hassan gave a brief talk about the project and the executive manger Mr Abdulkareem Adam the president of Liberland present gifts to vise president of Somaliland also prsent gift for mayor of Berbera the GplG which works with local government We are the most benefited city of the Gplg projects and we are proud with this achievement If I start with the project that the local district benefited from and which has done it Was such as slaughterhouse roads, schools and wells. We have implemented a free and independent service system under the local government, when employing a worker. Overall, the company has to sit, sit down and we've expanded it to a great extent. The other lawmakers Every office is so operational. The public office is completed. The management office is also the same The decision-making office in the municipality is responsible for decision-making and will decide on this issue The municipality must work with these people Mr. Vice President, we ask you to make the two ministries work with them, serve them well and work with them hand in hand. The Somali administrator in Gplg says: Gplgs project (Berbera area) has found the opportunity to set up a project for Barbara And president Vit said that he was very happy to come to Somaliland The Minister of Somaliland Yasin Mahamoud Faratoon said on this occasion: This project must be united and must be secure. And we hope that the project is good for Berbera. President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismail: I'm very happy for this project and these people have done something good. "Unclear sound" The unrecognized president visited the seaport, saw the ships containers, walked on foot all over Berbera, met with the mayor and they talked about why he came here The official in Berbera said: The delegation came to our country, visited us and they are still not famous. The president and his minister visited our country... He came to our seaport, came to see us, meet us and the name of his country is Libreland. And hope that this visit be a visit for goodness.

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