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Hi, I'm Aubree Oliverson, a violinist at the Colburn Music Academy. The Music Academy is a pre-college division of Colburn, For serious young musicians who want to take their music education to the next level. In addition to private lessons and a great chamber music program, the Music Academy consists of a full load of courses, from theory and ear training... music history... classes on career development and stage presence. We have beautiful rehearsal spaces, concert halls, and practice rooms. We even have a helicopter landing pad! We are located in the heart of downtown L.A., right across the street from the home of the L.A. Philharmonic: Walt Disney Concert Hall. Follow me on this tour of my amazing school! Our first stop is the library. It's a great place to study, and my favorite place to get some peace and quiet. we have tons of scores, music-related magazines, books on music, and thousands of recordings. We also have computer access. This is one of our hallways filled with practice rooms. Students have access to these rooms at anytime, day or night. Let's see what's going on in this one! ♪♫ string instruments play ♫♪ -Hey guys. You sound great! -Thanks Aubree. We're practicing for our chamber coaching. -Cool, have fun! We'll leave them to it. On to the next stop! Here we are outside the Heifetz studio. This is a very special place you're about to see. We're not really supposed to be in here! This is world famous violinist's Jascha Heifetz's actual teaching studio from when he was living in Bel Air. It was designed specifically for him by Lloyd Wright, After Mr. Heifetz's passing, it was meticulously dismantled by the Colburn School, kept in storage for 15 years, and it was eventually reconstructed here in 1998. This is now my teacher Robert Lipsett's teaching studio. — keys jingling, whistling — That's Mr. Lipsett! Get out of here! Hide! Hide! -Hi, Aubree! -Hello! -How are you doing? -Good, thanks. What are you doing here? I'm here for my lesson? I mean, I'm here for my lesson. I thought your lessons were on Thursday? Let me check my schedule real quick. I'm so sorry. On with the tour! This is our largest performance space, Zipper Hall which seats 430 people. I've attended fabulous concerts here from our faculty and guest artists, and the acoustics are incredible. This is Mayman Hall, a fantastic space for studio classes and master classes. All of our performance facilities are available to students, so many of us use this one in particular to make recordings, and hold our own student recitals. Thayer Hall is our second largest hall, seating about 200 people. The Music Academy holds concerts here every two weeks, at which students can perform if they wish. And it's also the rehearsal space of our conductor-less string orchestra, Academy Virtuosi. Speaking of which, I better go start rehearsal! This is the Colburn Cafe, one of the greatest parts about Colburn in my opinion. The menu changes weekly, and they always have vegetarian and vegan options. It's perfect for a quick snack or a hearty dinner at the end of the day. Well, that's about it. I've shown you my favorite parts of the school, and you've seen into some daily life at the Colburn Music Academy. Studying my instrument here has been and continues to be a life-changing experience, and best of all, I've met so many other talented musicians that I'm lucky enough to call my friends. -Hey, Aubree! -Hi! I hope you've enjoyed your visit. Check out our website for more information, and hope to see you at auditions this year!

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Tour_rough2-H.264 web

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